Menu Over Meds: Tackling Menopause Symptoms the Natural Way



 Hot flashes, headaches, insomnia and irritability can all leave menopausal women feeling helpless and hopeless. They look in the mirror and no longer recognize themselves. Their relationships with their spouses falter. They’re becoming less effective at work. Does it have to be this way?


“Getting older is inevitable. Looking older is a choice,” asserts author, speaker and podcast host Gianna Miceli.


Her new program, How To Get Your Best Body Over 50 Even in Menopause … Without Dieting, Counting Calories, Suffering, or HRT, introduces women to an all-natural menopause weight-loss strategy.  


Miceli’s exclusive online book and mini-course aim to put women on a restorative path toward weight loss and alleviation of menopause symptoms.


Women will learn:


– How to be their own wellness advocates;

– How to kick medications to the curb so they never interfere with the natural balance of hormones again;

– The eight steps Miceli took that no doctor ever addressed that finally set her free of the fat forever;

– Why everything women are doing is metabolically wrong and making weight loss difficult, and the path that will change that;

– And much more.


“It’s the totality of your health that is determining the miserable, fat menopause experience that you’re having,” Miceli said in a recent podcast. “I can tell you how to fix these menopause problems using only food and the nutrition of food, the way Mother Nature designed it, instead of risking cancer by taking HRT and BHT, and flushing your money down the toilet at GNC.”


About the Author

Gianna Miceli is a speaker, podcast host and advocate for women’s health. She is also the author of Why American Women Are So Fat, Sick, Tired, & Angry: And What I’m Doing About ItMenopause Weight Loss Master Class: It’s Not Your Fault. It’s Your Hormones; and 10 Stupid Things Women Do To Create Menopause Misery. Her menopause podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts.


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