Meet Lisa Gagliardi, Group Fitness Manager at Equinox Armonk


lisa g
Lisa Gagliardi, Group Fitness Manager at Equinox Armonk




Meet Lisa G(agliardi). She is the all inspiring  Group Fitness Manager at Equinox’s newest club located in Armonk NY.  To know Lisa is to love her.Whether its her great video spin classes, strength and sculpt ( my personal favorite), cardio boot camps Lisa G packs the house. My advice get to class early!!!!   Lisa loves her job and it shows. Always take a towel to Lisa’s classes, not only will you need it to wipe  your sweat, but you will be pleasantly surprised how much better your stretches are.


Hey Lisa G are you ready to answer some questions babydoll?  Yes or Yes? 

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Ha Ha,  Yes.


Any other group fitness features at Equinox Armonk you want to dish about?


Of course! We are implementing our renowned group fitness programming, from intense athletic training to yoga to invigorating cycling classes.  The club’s trainers will benefit from our proprietary Equinox Fitness Training Institute, and Equinox’s luxury spa offerings will be available to members and non-members.  We are also adding a larger group fitness room and yoga/barre studio along with a new Pilates studio with state of the art equipment.



What did you have for breakfast?    


Greek Yogurt with a scoop of Almond Butter and Fresh Fruit, cup of coffee. 


Do you workout on your off days?


I try to get a workout in on my days off if I can. Jumping into a class taught by one of the Equinox Instructors is what I love to do most. 


What would be the title of your autobiography?  


“The Life and Times of LISA G”


If you weren’t group fitness manager what would our dream job be?  


This is a hard question because I have always had the passion to be a Group Fitness Manager, but I would say it would have to be owning my own fitness studio.



What would I find in your fridge?


Lots of fresh veggies and fruit, half and half, almond milk, yogurt and white wine. 


I know you love beaches!  What would you recommend that I do instead of just lying there?  


Swimming, taking a walk, or having a handstand contest. I also recommend doing Q Blog’s beach workout or Do Anywhere workout!


The Making of a Surf Body

Do Anywhere Workout



If you had any free time what would you love to do?  


Spend time with my family and friends and going to the BEACH. 


What’s your current Facebook status?  


#equinoxmademedoit always a status about the classes in the club that day.


If you were an animal what would you be?  




What are the last 5 songs you added to you playlist?  


Summer by Calvin Harris

It’s on again by Alicia Keys

Mmm Yeah by Austin Mahon

Africa by the Glitterboys

Problem by Ariana Grande 



Lisa, can you leave my readers with any of your famous words of inspiration?






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