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Heather Queiroz


 Heather Queiroz

Heather Queiroz

Heather Queiroz was inspired to bring NextBarre to the area after taking classes in California and experiencing changes in her body that she had not found with any other workout. During the past year while searching for the perfect location, Queiroz taught private classes where she developed a loyal following of local women who have become strong supporters of the this method.

During most group barre classes, , women focus on four body parts — arms, abdomen, glutes and thighs — with highly targeted, small movements designed to tone muscles without adding mass. “Go down an inch, up an inch” is an often heard command.  The concept of barre — a low-impact, holistic workout blending ballet, yoga, Pilates and core strengthening —


What makes Next Barre different from all other BARRE classes?

NextBarre is different from other barre methods in that it focuses on innovation, safety and instruction.   It was created in California by Diana Pecci.   Pecci suffered a spinal injury, and learned how to rehabilitate herself.  That led to creating a system to move the body safely while improving posture, strength and body mechanics in addition to getting a challenging workout to stay fit.  The exercises are about supporting the body and spine (head neck shoulders) while adding small movements to create deep core strength.


When did you first try barre classes and what made you do so?

NextBarre was the first Barre class I tried in California over 3 years ago. I have always worked out doing a variety of group fitness classes and weight training however this was the first form of fitness that actually developed the tone and strength that I had always been looking for.   It was a complete game changer for me.


What does it take to be a Nextbarre teacher?

An athletic and dance background are helpful because you need to have a body awareness and an understanding of a variety of body positions.   It takes a lot of dedication and hard-work to complete training.  You have to have a passion for it.


What inspired you to do this? Why now?

I saw something different in NextBarre.  Once I moved to New York and tried a variety of other Barre classes, I realized that NextBarre was truly different because it’s so safe while providing the intensity I needed to continually challenge myself.  It is the only method where I felt my lower back and neck were not being compromised.
Why now? After a long career in advertising and marketing, I took a few years off to take care of my family.  Now that my kids are getting a bit older (9&13),  NextBarre was the perfect opportunity to start the next chapter in my life.  It’s something I can’t live without and I knew once others tried it they would feel the same.



You are from California.How are you adjusting to Westchester?

Westchester is a fabulous place with a lot of natural beauty and close proximity to NYC.  The toughest part has been the winter because I hate wearing winter clothing and love grilling outdoors year-round.  I’m the one without socks year-round except in NextBarre (ironically) 😉


What inspired you to open a studio in  Mt Kisco?

I couldn’t live without a NextBarre so I decided to open one.  Mount Kisco is a very central location  to many communities and very close to my house.


What’s in your Fridge?

I have 2 growing boys.  It’s always stocked!  I’m big on Organic and one of my son’s is gluten-free so it’s a pretty healthy mix of natural foods.  My kids are very educated on reading ingredients but that’s not to say we don’t eat ice cream and donuts too.  It’s about balance.


What’s the  deal with  shaking?
It’s about isolating your muscles and working them to fatigue.  The shake is your body’s physiological response to muscle fatigue.   To experience “the shake”, you need to be set up properly and challenge yourself to a point of muscle fatigue which causes your nervous system to respond.   It’s important move with intention and to work with smaller movements.  The best way to experience the shake in thigh work is to lift your heels higher and get lower (in correct form).   For most people, it doesn’t take much to experience the shake. I usually start to shake from the first rep. I embrace it by knowing that my muscle is changing shape and it will be over soon.
2lb weights? How can that be enough?
We only use 2lb weights because we are working to create functional strength, injury prevention and long lean muscles.  Also, as we age building too much bulk can cause you to have extra skin later.   NextBarre works to pull everything in.   The arm series is very effective and dedicated NextBarre clients have extremely toned arms.

Do you ever miss a day of exercise?

Yes, all the time.  My goal is to do NextBarre 4-5 days a week but I often fall short.  I teach a lot so sometimes it’s difficult to find the time to take a class.  If I fall short one week, I don’t feel bad about it, I just get back on track the next week.  It’s such an efficient work out so it’s easy to make up for lost time.


Your playlists are awesome. What was one the one you played today in class?

I think you are referring to my NextBarreCardio list.  I work hard to constantly change up the music. I love finding 80’s remixes, a unique Latin blend or a  good Beyonce remix.


Do you eat breakfast ? What did you have this morning?

Yes, I love breakfast.  Greek yogurt, with a Raw seed blend and organic coffee.  Sometimes I have a Bulletproof coffee – organic coffee blended with some grass fed butter.


What advice do you give to first timers?

Don’t be intimidated.  The class is safe and you can go at your own pace.    NextBarre is a very supportive and welcoming environment.  We have all ages and fitness levels coming together to support each other.

 Is there anything you wish your students knew before attending a class? Or even during?

If you have an open mind and make a commitment, NextBarre can change your life.  It sounds cliché, but there are so many incredible client stories.

next barre

What are common questions you hear from students? Are there any common misconceptions?

Common questions are around our ab work because it’s so precise and different than anything else.  Misconceptions are that you have to be a dancer or have to be flexible to take the class.  Not true.  You get flexible by taking the class but it’s not a stretching class

What inspires you most?

My clients and instructors inspire me.  I’m blown away by their commitment and excitement.   When I hear someone has lost 20lbs and credits NextBarre for the change, I get more motivated to keep working hard to expose more people to this life-changing method.


When’s the last time you did a non-barre workout?

Over a year ago.  However, I do outdoor activities like biking, tennis and hiking with my kids.  NextBarre helps me stay competitive with my boys so I don’t have to get off the bike on the hills in our neighborhood, etc.     I’m always impressed with how my NextBarre strength translates to other activities.


Try a class . The first one is free.


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    I use to belong to Nextbarre in Danville, CA. I haven’t been able to find a barre class that compares to Nextbarre since it closed. Are there any videos of your work-outs available on-line? Is Diana teaching anywhere currently?

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