Marla Goldberrg, Self-Care Expert & Best-Selling Author Knows Unique Self-Care Tips That Are Effective


Tell me about yourself

My name is Marla Goldberrg. Through my journey as an Energy Healer, Intuitive, Master Metaphysician, Best Selling Author, Contributing Writer, and Creator and Host of Guided Spirit Conversations podcast, I stepped into the role of a self-care and self-love expert. 

I find that helping my clients learn how to care about themselves and how to love themselves, as I like to say, “warts, wrinkles, and all,” is a true passion of mine. So many people are walking around not understanding how to truly care for themselves, and even more, they do not know what self-love is or feels like. I work with my clients and help others through my talks and articles on steps they can take to begin to explore ways to start or deepen their self-care practice. I work in a similar way to help my clients learn to release and heal from their traumas. I teach them how to forgive others and more importantly, how to forgive themselves. I provide them with exercises to develop self-acceptance which ultimately brings them to love themselves fully.

When and how did you get started in this business?


If you asked me when I was growing up, I would never have thought of going down a spiritual path. Like many, when your world falls apart to its lowest depth, in a state of desperation, you call out for help. I didn’t just call out for help; I screamed and begged for help over and over again. Surprisingly, my response came by way of a women’s conference.


It was at this conference where I met my first spiritual teacher. I came upon her table at the conference where she was selling goods. We started talking and I told her I was there to hear her talk. At that point and time, I had no idea what this talk was going to start for me.


Throughout her lecture, I resonated with everything she spoke about, though I really didn’t understand the process. I went to her one-day informational class. Though I still had no idea what she was talking about, a voice in my head kept repeating, “What do you have to lose? Nothing else is working for you.” I trusted that voice and signed up for her four-day basic class.


It was at this class that I had my first known psychic experience. That experience and that class led me to want more. I signed up for her three-year mystery school.


After graduating from the school, I had no intention of continuing down my path by being a healer. Heck, I couldn’t even tell anyone I was an energy healer. Though I kept taking different classes, I had no desire to work on other people.


But one morning, when I was traveling with my husband, I heard a big booming voice telling me in no uncertain terms that I needed to start a practice and to start helping people. I woke with a jolt and sat dumbfounded for a while. I looked at my husband, but he was still asleep. Who just yelled at me?


When he woke up, I told him about my experience. We talked about the idea for me to start a healing practice. Based on the conversation we had, I decided to start a part-time practice.


It’s now been eighteen years that I’ve been walking down my spiritual path, and I’ve been trained in over thirty modalities. I hold a Master Metaphysician certificate, as well as an Intuitive Life Coach and a Spiritual Response Therapist certificates.  


What is self-care to you?

Self-care is a personal practice where I honor myself and my needs at any given moment. For example, if I’m tired, I do what I need to recharge. It could be a short power nap or a meditation. If I’m hungry, I eat food or drink beverages that support my body’s needs. Self-care doesn’t need to be complicated or difficult.

Do you have a morning routine that helps you start your day off in a positive direction?

Yes, I begin each day with my prayers. My prayers always start with gratitude. If for whatever reason I am unable to get through my prayers, I am religious about declaring my gratitude to spirit. I also end my day with a gratitude practice of thanking spirit for a minimum of three things I experienced that day.   

What are the top ten self-care tips you can share with our readers?


In no particular order my top ten self-care tips are:

1.  Be gentle with yourself. We can be so brutally hard on ourselves. Beating yourself up over something you might have said or done is not beneficial to your growth.

2.  Forgive Others. Learning to forgive others is a gift you give yourself. You are not letting anyone “get away” with anything, but you are releasing the ties that bind you to that person or situation.

3.  Forgive Yourself. This practice is, to me, harder than forgiving another. As mentioned above, we are so hard on ourselves with self-criticism, judgment, and berating. By practicing self-forgiveness, you are showing spirit and yourself how much you honor and respect who you are.

4.  Do something that nurtures you. Whether it’s a walk-in nature, a long soak in a tub, or any activity that is peaceful and calm for you, will help you to cultivate a practice of self-nurturing.  

5. Play like a young child. Have you ever watched a child at play? They let their imagination run wild and are fearless in their adventures. At least once a week, allow yourself to run, jump, and play like a child. It will bring a sense of joy that comes when you let yourself go.

6.  Laugh. There are few things better than a good laugh. Watch a funny clip on TikTok, movie, or sitcom, kid around with your partner or your friends, or just find humor in everyday experiences. Laughter lifts one’s vibes so fast and so high.

7.  Create. Create something. Try new recipes. Create a piece of art, which could be painting, needle crafting, or making a wood piece. If you can “think it,” you can create it.

8.  Take a class. Whether it’s in person, virtual, or just following a class you find on YouTube, commit to a class. By learning something new, you expand your brain’s capacity, keeping it flowing and flexible.

9.  Move your body. Whether it’s a walk in the park, taking a class, practicing yoga, or lifting weights, moving your body helps the blood flow and circulation as well as clearing your mind and toning your body.

10. Meditate. Meditation isn’t hard, and it doesn’t have to take an hour. If your time is limited, allow just five minutes of focused breathing to calm you down, energize yourself, and prepare you for the rest of your day.

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