Manifesting an Ideal Life You’ve Always Wanted With These Simple Steps


We all use numbers in our daily life but in fact, numbers can also govern our lives and the events that happen in it. Looking into these relationships is known as numerology. Learning more about how numerology impacts you can help you live the life you’ve always wanted and the first step into discovering your inner self is by identifying your own life path number.

Once you’ve found out your life path number you can now explore the world of numerology and find out more about your inner character and goals in life. After you’ve uncovered the meaning of your life path number you can now help it guide your life and lead to the path of fulfillment.

This article will go over three easy steps that help you in manifesting the ideal life you’ve always wanted through numerology.

Find Your Life Path Number

The first step on your numerological journey is finding out your life path number which is a lot easier than you’d think. The first step in calculating your life path number is by up the individual digits of your birth date. For example, if you were born on May 26 1993 you’d convert this into the numerical value: 26/05/1993. You can now add up all the digits of the date (2+6+5+1+9+9+3) to get 35. Your life path number however must only be one digit so you have to take that sum and add up the individual digits (3+5 = 8). However, one thing to note is that if after the first round of addition in the life path number process you get 11 or 22 you don’t need to go for the second round of addition since these two numbers are considered master numbers which have a special significance.

Significance of your Number

Once you’ve figured out your life path number you can now explore the inner significance of it and how it can help guide your life. The content of each individual life path number is far too much to include in this one short article so if you’d like to find out more of your own number you can reference other website and books about the topic of numerology. Nevertheless, the life path number 9 will be used to illustrate a little about what numerology can teach you about yourself.

Personality qualities of life path number 9 include the ability to see difficult situations clearly, strong leadership abilities, generosity, and the ability to understand to name a new. These numbers also have an affinity to the arts and culture so they often feel most fulfilled when working jobs in those areas. When it comes to living life, number 9s feel most fulfilled when they can be independent and have a happy-go-lucky lifestyle.

Apply Numerology to Your Life

After you’ve read up on your life path number’s meaning and your inner characteristics you can now start applying numerology to better your life. For instance, if you’re a number 9 that doesn’t feel fulfilled working as an accountant, the reason for this is that you may not be in line with your life path numbers affinity for arts and culture, so maybe it’s time for you to make a job change to something more creative.

Alternatively, if you don’t feel happy with your life you can embrace one of your inner personality traits to live a better life. For instance, you can play on your trait of leadership and generosity by volunteering as a guide for youth so you can be the true you.

When it comes to love and companionship numerology states that opposites attract, such as life path numbers 3 and 8. The characteristics of the number 3 include generosity, positivity, and creativity whereas the number 8 is centered around succeeding in business and life, so the two life path number characteristics may be very different but in fact, they complement each other and are intrigued by each other.

Numerology has been studied for thousands of years and this knowledge can be applied to help you live the life you want. Your first step in figuring out how numerology can guide you is by finding out your life path number. After you’ve discovered your life path number you can start exploring in-depth the inner meaning of your number and find out things about yourself you may have never known. After you’ve found out more about your life path numbers significance you can now apply that knowledge to your life to gain enlightenment. So take your life into your own hands and find your inner meaning through numerology today!

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