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With the weather getting warmer and summer being just around the corner, we tend to where less makeup… BUT no makeup at all? Not me. I feel like I look too disheveled and like I just rolled out of bed. Yet, I do not want to LOOK like I have a full face of makeup on (even though i do 😉 So here are 7 quick and easy steps to getting a great “No Makeup” Makeup look:

1) Start with a multi-tasking concealer  One you can use on your under eye area, your eyelid and on your face and apply it wherever you feel you need it. Some days you may need a lot and some days you may need a little. Choose a shade that is within your own depth of skin tone! Do not go with too light a shade… Light does not cover dark
2) Apply a high quality Powder Foundation all over your face and eye area. I like to use a  PRESSED mineral powder since many are talc-free and loose powder is just a big mess. I also prefer Powder Foundation over BB or CC creams. I think the BB’s and CC’s are still a liquid and you feel like there is a coating on your face (especially when it’s hot out). Also I find most BB and CCs to be “jack of all trades and a masters of none” and you end up setting them with powder anyway, so I say skip the alphabet creams and just use a Powder Foundation.
3) Apply a water-proof eyeliner  very close to your lash line. Apply just enough to give your eyes some definition. ** Application Tip** – Just because it is called eyeliner does NOT mean that you should draw a line! Apply your eyeliner by making short little dashes and connect those dashes to form a line. You will find you have more control of your liner and will achieve a more precise application.
4) Use a water -resistant mascara  and apply more on your top lashes than your bottom ones. More mascara on the top “lifts” your eye and makes the darker under eye area less noticeable.
5) Use a soft powder brush  and apply a powder bronzer  only on the places where the sun hits your face! DO NOT apply the bronzer over your entire face. This is a mistake many women do and it then looks like you dip your face in dirt! Choose a bronzer with a color that is blue based since these shades will not look too brown (dirty) or orangey on your skin.
6) Find a great double duty lip and cheek tint  and apply it to both your lips and cheeks. I like using tints and stains since the textures are sheerer so they look less “made up” and more fresh and natural.
7) Fill your brows in with a tinted brow gel   I find they look much more natural than drawing in your brows with a pencil and are a lot easier and less messy to use than a brow powder. Many women forget about their brows but filling in your brows is very important. If you wear lip color and no brow color all the attention will go down to your mouth, making the over all look of your face appear “bottom heavy”. Your brows balance out the lips and makes the eye appear bigger so take a couple of extra seconds to fill in your eyebrows!
You will find that with the right products and by following the steps above you can achieve a No Makeup, Makeup look in about 3-4 minutes! Use the coupon code STACY10 and receive 10% off your order at


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