Losing Weight With Coffee

 losing weight with coffee

In theory, losing weight is simple. Every pound is equivalent to 3500 calories. In order to drop one pound per week, you have to decrease your calorie intake by 3500 – this comes to 500 calories every day.

Simple, right?

Obviously, anyone who has tried to lose weight has found it challenging. You can usually find exercise that you like and healthy food can be delicious when prepared right, but there can still be a feeling of depravation of the food that you’re no longer able to eat.

Losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle takes commitment and effort.

There is no reason why you couldn’t try small changes that would make the process easier. You might even be interested to know that something that you probably already indulge in everyday can help your weight loss journey.

What is it you ask?

One word: Coffee!

Coffee is more than just the perfect pick-me-up to start a long Monday morning. Recently, there have been a few studies that show the weight loss benefits this yummy drink has to offer.

Now are you intrigued and curious about what coffee can do for you? Make sure to read the rest of the report to learn more! Let’s start.

How Coffee Can Help You Lose Weight

Did you know that 64% of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee a day? That amounts to a whopping 400 million cups every 24 hours. Despite this statistics, only a few people know about the weight loss benefits that coffee offers. It is more than just a morning starter.

If you’re currently trying to lose weight there is no reason why you shouldn’t explore coffee as a weight loss aid.

Still skeptical?

Below are a few reasons why coffee can have a hand in helping you lose a few pounds to reach your goal:

Coffee Contains Chlorogenic Acid Which Is Also A Powerful Antioxidant

Chlorogenic acid is an essential part of the body’s absorption of glucose. When you drink coffee after a meal, the chlorogenic acid present in the drink stops the production of glucose. It also decreases the propensity of fat cells being created. Talk about amazing.

Coffee Can Suppress Hunger

Coffee is a great drink to start your day with because it is known to be filled to the brim with caffeine. Plus you might not be aware, but caffeine also jolts the metabolism awake.

This increases your energy and keeps you from feeling hungry for longer. It also doesn’t hurt that a cup of coffee doesn’t have very many calories.

If you’re sick of drinking water and want something else, coffee is the way to go. To get the maxiumum benefits – don’t put anything in your coffee. No sugar, no creamer, no honey, no butter – absolutely nothing.

In order to lose weight you’ll have to start drinking your coffee without all of the extras. This includes creamer and sugar. You’ll also have to forego the specialty drinks you get at the coffee stands because those will not take off the pounds, but they sure do add them!

Coffee is a Diuretic which is Great for Temporary Weight Loss

Trying to fit into a dress for an event tonight? Chug that coffee! Coffee is a diuretic. This means that the caffeine present in coffee can help you release excess water in the body.

Weight loss is a product of reduction of fat content. Drinking coffee like this is only a quick fix.

Coffee is a Great Pre-Workout Drink

After a long day in the office, it can be difficult to find the energy to exercise. That is what coffee is great for. It will give you the needed jolt to get you through a gym session.

With the reasons above, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from including coffee in your diet.

Read on to learn which types of coffee are best for weight loss.

Best Types of Coffee For Weight Loss

So coffee is effective for weight loss? This probably means that you could drive down to your local Starbucks and indulge in every type of Frappuccino while still losing weight, right?

Hold your horses! Just because coffee aids in weight loss doesn’t mean that all types are created equal. In fact, if you think about it, frappes and coffee drinks barely have any coffee in them. It is mostly sugar, milk and artificial flavorings. You would not be able to reap the benefits of the drink if you choose the most decadent option.

This begs the question – what are the types of coffee that you should drink in order to lose weight?

Good ‘ol Black Coffee

The purest form of the drink, black coffee has the most amount of caffeine and the least amount of calories. One cup is less than 5 calories – which makes it almost calorie-free like water. You can indulge in a few cups per day without the guilt but with all the benefits that caffeine provides.

A cup after work and before exercising is sometimes all you need to be motivated to workout. Isn’t it wonderful that it is also guilt free?

Green Coffee Bean – For When You Aren’t Craving a Cup of Joe

Green coffee beans became popular as weight loss supplement following a feature on the Dr. Oz Show. Green coffee beans are basically raw coffee beans that have yet to be roasted. Usually this option comes in a supplement which you can buy online and in health food stores.

The jury is still out on its efficacy. However, according to a few experts, green coffee beans are more effective than roasted beans in weight loss since raw coffee has a higher amount of chlorogenic acids. As discussed earlier, chlorogenic acids slows down the production of glucose.

Alternatives to Sugar

There are a few people who cannot take their coffee black. It is too bitter and they don’t like the taste. If this is you, there are alternatives to sugar that you can try in order to reap the benefits of coffee for weight loss.

Instead of sugar, you can opt for a teaspoon of maple syrup or honey with a dash of soy milk. You can also use calorie-free sweeteners however try to minimize consumption to one packet a day.

Coffee is a great tool for weight loss. Given the guidelines above you would be able to get the full benefits of this drink. However, like everything else in life, moderation is key.

How to Lose Weight With Coffee: A Step By Step Guide

Now that we have discussed the whys and whats, it’s as important to go through the definitive steps in which you can use the full potential of coffee for weight loss.

Remember that coffee is not magic. You don’t necessarily lose weight by drinking more coffee especially if you are drinking the wrong kind and at the wrong times.

Below are concrete ways you can utilize the weight loss potential of coffee in your everyday life.

Drink in Moderation

Even the things that are good for you taken in excessive amounts can lead to problems. There are coffee diets that suggest 3 to 4 cups a day after every meal. However, it might not be wise to drink that much if your body is not used to that much caffeine.

Listen to your body. Most often than not it will tell you when you’ve had a little bit more than you can handle. You can start with one or two cups a day.

Craving? Try Sipping Coffee First

There are studies that support the claim of coffee as a weight loss aid. However, there is still hot debate surrounding it. Nevertheless, one of the benefits of drinking coffee lies with its ability to satiate a person’s cravings.

Often you eat not because you are hungry but because you want something sweet, salty, sour or even bitter to nibble on. Instead of indulging, have coffee instead.

Do Not Forget To Hydrate

Coffee is an excellent diuretic. If you want a quick fix, say for a dress you need to fit into, a cup a few hours before the fitting can release water weight. This means you’ll need to replenish the water your body loses when you drink coffee. Drinking water can also help you stay full for longer.

Sip Before a Workout

Sometimes, after a long day, it’s difficult to get motivated to work out. You are tired, sleepy and you just want to go home and rest. While it isn’t advisable to drink coffee before going to bed, some coffee before you exercise can give you the energy to go through your routine.

Eat Right and Exercise

This report cannot stress it enough – coffee can help with weight loss, but you don’t get results simply by drinking more of it. The secret to having a healthy body is no secret at all – its proper diet and an active lifestyle. Use coffee to make it easier for you to lose weight but don’t forget that being fit means you are committed and diligent.

Final Thoughts

There really isn’t a mystery surrounding losing weight. It takes sacrifice, commitment, patience and time. It is going to be hard, sure. But remember that leading a life that is healthy and enjoyable is worth it.

Nevertheless, weight loss doesn’t have to be a struggle. Neither does it have to be an exorbitant expense. There are things, like coffee, that can help you decrease the process and make it more bearable.

Coffee with no exercise or proper diet is just a morning drink meant to wake you up. You still need to work to achieve your goals. The journey can be long but thankfully, you have the help of this report and good ‘ol cup of Joe along the way.

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