Level Up Your Work From Home Game With These 4 Tips


Now that many of us are working from home full-time or at least for most of the workweek, you might have started considering how you can turn your home office space into something a little more work-friendly for the long term.

There are a few really great tools and supplies you can invest in to make an improvement in your WFH life, streamline your workflow and make everything a little more comfortable and enjoyable. Here are some of our top recommendations to check out:

Blue Light Glasses

First things first, you need to be taking care of your health, and this means your eye health too. Investing in a good pair of blue light glasses can be really beneficial for someone who spends the majority of their day staring into various screens. Not only will these glasses block the damaging blue light that your screens omit and protect your eyes from strain, but they can also help with your concentration, reduce headaches and improve your sleep. These are a no-brainer purchase.

Desk Chair

If you were forced to start working from home during the pandemic, you probably used whatever resources were available to you at the time. This means you might still be spending your workday seated on a plastic chair, dining chair, barstool, or even worse, on the sofa.

Investing in good quality, ergonomic desk chair can make the world of difference to your workday. This can help with your posture, eliminate back pain, and also simply make you feel like your environment is a little more professional.

An Extra Screen

If you work on your laptop or desktop for the majority of your day, and really want to take your workflow to the next level, investing in a second screen is a game-changer.

This might be a big expense, but a truly worthwhile purchase. You won’t need to switch between 600 tabs, and you’ll be able to easily work through digital documents even while you’re busy with an online call. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll be hooked for life.

Website and App Blockers

This next recommendation isn’t even a product and doesn’t need to cost you any money. Working from home can be tough, with so many distractions and no boss lurking over your shoulder. The hard truth is that keeping your productivity levels up can feel nearly impossible.

Downloading some form of website or app blocker for your phone and laptop can truly help you to focus. These can prevent you from using certain websites and apps, or even block your phone altogether, depending on which app you download. Here is a list of a few to try out.


There are various tools, tips, and tricks you can buy and try out to improve your work-from-home life. Spending all day (and all week) in one place can be taxing on your mind and body, so remember that another important part of leveling up your WFH game is to actually step away from your home office sometimes.