Let us show your website on Google’s 1st page | 5 Professional Techniques ranked 1st

Do you know how important it is to place your site on the first page of Google? If not, then you know that only 0.78% of users go to the second page of the search engine. That’s why most SEO analysts make a joke about ranking on the second page is like hiding a corpse.

If you know how important this article is for you because we will discuss some of the tactics to make your site visible on the top of the search results page. It takes a bit, but with a perfect strategy, it will succeed within days.

Although the strategy is based on the type of website you have and how you deal with it, some techniques can be common but effective.

This article is about the SEO tips that are indispensable for the website. Search engine optimization is the term for optimizing your website according to the search engine that would increase the ranking of the site.

Ready to improve the ranking of your website, here we go!

1. Select and enlarge your keywords

Keywords are the words by which your website is ranked after entering them in the search engine. It is imperative to select the keyword, as a wrong selection will destroy your efforts and investments.

First of all, you should choose a keyword that has more search volume but less difficulty. If you select a keyword with high difficulty, it is difficult for you to rate it. The basics of SEO all depend on the keywords you select.

The more keywords you have, the more chances you have of getting a rank for it. However, once you start getting traffic and the website grows, you would get the organic keywords, which means getting a rank for random keywords used in the content.

If you want to generate revenue from your website, choose the keywords that have more CPC. Various analysis tools can be used for the analysis of keywords such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, SpyFu.

2. Look at the competition

Before putting your efforts into the SEO of your website, you should see the competition in the market and research what your competitors are doing. If you run an online store, for example, you should see what your competitors are selling and how they are moving forward.

Once you become known, you should focus on how to provide the same service, but in a better way. For example, if a website offers to clothing online, you can add more features to the relevant one.

It is difficult to rank on the first page of Google, especially when you have tough competitors like Amazon, Walmart. To do this, you should focus on changing the keywords or using long-tail keywords. If you select a keyword, go and write the keyword on the top page of the search engine. If you find the websites that are fierce competitors, then do not opt for that keyword, but try to focus on the keyword, do not have any known brands.

3. Create and optimize your pages

First of all, you should know that Google does not classify the website, but the websites. This means that more pages would have a better chance of ranking, but if all pages are optimized according to the guidelines of the search engine.

Most of the time, the web page ranks above the page of the blog because the blog page has more content than other pages. If you want to rank for a particular page, then go to the search for the search intention on Google to find compatibility.

The three important facts in the search are the following:


This is essentially the type of content in the search engine that is ranking. Each web page of your site may rank, but the most commonly ranked pages are those listed below:

  • Blog Page
  • Category Page
  • Landing Page
  • Product page

Content format

The content format is also a factor for the placement on the top page because it marks the readability factor for the users who are reading. The search engine always wants to obtain information content from your website to ensure the quality of the user experience. Some of the common formats are:

  • The headline begins with “How to”
  • List of articles
  • Reviews of various products, brands
  • Comparison between two things
  • Step-by-step instructions

Content angle

Content is fundamentally relevant to the intention of the search and can be targeted at the target audience. For example, if you write content about the blogging tips, then your target audience would most likely be novice bloggers. However, the angle could become irrelevant if you talk about making $10k from the blog because it is not for beginners.

4. Avoid duplicate content

Did you know that Google does not rank the site for having copied content because it appreciates the efforts of the original writer? Write the original content and check plagiarism to verify its originality. Duplicated content is disgusting to the search engine and this can send your appearance to the last pages of the SERP.

Popular brands hire content production teams to generate engaging and unique content for their websites and search engines.

5. Digital Marketing is Trend & Effective

The best way to increase brand awareness and traffic to your website is to use digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing strategies include various things such as the use of social media profiles, Google My Business, and call-to-action buttons on websites and social media.

The call-to-action button on social media profiles such as Facebook would help to navigate the user from your social media account to your website. If you are talking about the strategy of social media, you should write the content that captivates the customer and convinces them to increase their sales and leads.

Many marketers recommend the use of visuals in your social media posts to increase attractiveness and engagement with the audience. However, social media platforms always encourage sites with consistent posts as they want to provide a better customer experience.

If you have the local market as a point of sale, then Google My Business is a good option. This is because Google My Business informs the local community about your brand and contact information.