Do you know what you’re cooking for dinner tonight? Chicory does.

chicory-individual-recipeDo you know what you’re cooking for dinner tonight? Chicory does. From choosing the recipe to delivering the ingredients, Chicory promises to be every busy home cook’s favorite weapon.


Even with all the amazing apps and tools out there today, we still dread making dinner. For meals we need recipes, for recipes we need ingredients, and for ingredients we need lists with proper item quantities and guaranteed freshness. Good news: Chicory does it all.


So what is it? Chicory lets us discover new recipes from all over the Internet—even ones from local cooking blogs in Westchester—and then creates useful, intelligent shopping lists based on the recipes that we choose. Chicory then adds the ingredients to a Peapod shopping cart for delivery, so you can get cooking as soon as a few hours after your first click on



The best part of Chicory? It’s starting in Westchester. It’s currently live throughout our entire county, so why not give it a shot? Chicory is even offering $15 off your groceries to all new users. Here’s what to do to try Chicory and get the discount:


Tweet @ChicoryApp and ask for their promo code! They’ll tweet back and get you started!

You can also email Chicory at, and they’ll get back to you with the code!


Let’s get cooking! Chicory makes it easier than ever to explore your kitchen!