Know Your Options For Bathroom Heating


Bathrooms are often prone to feeling cold and damp in the winter. Nobody wants to get out of a hot bath or shower into a freezing cold room! Using your bathroom should be a relaxing experience, not a cold or unpleasant one. Choosing the best way to heat your bathroom is a big decision but by choosing the right heating option for you, you can make sure that you and your family stay toasty even at the coldest time of the year. From radiators to wall heaters, we’ll run through the best options below to help make your bathroom into a pleasurable haven all year round.

Designer Radiators

When you think of radiators, you often picture your standard, traditional single panel radiators that we are all familiar with. Maybe you’re in need of something a little more modern and exciting. Designer radiators come in a range of shapes and sizes. You can still stick with your single radiator or you could choose a colored radiator to suit depending on your bathroom’s aesthetic. Maybe you don’t have a wall long enough for a single panel radiator and need to opt for a vertical radiator. Designer radiators allow you to choose from innovative styles that will heat your bathroom and look the part too.

Heated Towel Racks

Towel rails are handy when it comes to heating your bathroom and drying your towels! They are made up of double or single rails which are perfect for fluffing your towels after use. They make for an attractive addition to any modern bathroom. These racks are often operated by a switch and can be operated on a timer, so your bathroom is toasty in time for your morning shower. These racks come in a variety of different styles and heights. You can also choose from different colors or slim or double racks.

Convection Heaters

Cold air is pulled into this heater and is blown back out into the room as warm air. This happens as the heater pulls the air over a heating coil. Convection heaters tend to heat up the area of the room that they are in, so work well if there’s a certain part of your bathroom that becomes colder than others. They are available in different colors and sizes depending on your room and you can choose whether you’d prefer a portable option, or if you’d prefer it to be mounted onto your wall.

Floor heating

It is becoming a popular feature in modern bathrooms to have heating hidden away and out of sight. Floor heating helps to create that cozy feeling of comfort which means no more cold tiles. Floor heating can provide an even amount of heat to a room, making sure that all corners of your bathroom stay warm when you need it most. It is an excellent choice for a smaller bathroom, as it eliminates the need for additional radiators or heaters, which creates more space for you to enjoy and relax.