Klutch Club for Mom

Receive a box of the best healthy snacks, supplements, fitness programs, personal-care products and more delivered monthly for a low rate. With the one year subscription the user will receive a box monthly for only $8 + $8 shipping per month. First month is free.





How many hours a day do you spend in the car? Between driving to school, work, errands, and activities, your car seems to be your second home. Barre real food bar is an ideal snack to enjoy at a stoplight or on the sidelines, and provides sustained energy with real ingredients. Those little ones in the back seat? Provide A+ nutrition with GoGo Squeez. The fun packaging makes eating fruit a fun experience that kids can’t get enough of. Need a bribe to get cooperation (or some quiet time)? Surf Sweets uses organic ingredients and packs Vitamin C, making it a guilt free treat for moms and kids alike.
That golden moment when the kids finally get to sleep? Priceless. Make bedtime a little easier with Sleepytime Kids™ Goodnight Grape Herbal Tea – the first Sleepytime tea made just for kids!  Goodnight Grape features the relaxing Sleepytime blend of herbs many of us have loved since we were children, but it’s naturally sweetened and packs a bright and pleasing grape aroma and flavor. The latest and greatest in bedtime stories?Farfaria! This app features over 300 fully illustrated bedtime stories with new ones being added each week.
Just because you have the responsibility of your family doesn’t mean you can put your own health and wellness on the back burner. Squeeze in quality workouts anytime, anywhere with DailyBurn. This online fitness program offers yoga, dance, strength training and more and creates a customized workout schedule. Just log on at www.dailyburn.com/klutchand enjoy 60 Days FREE!
Preserving your health for years to come has a new meaning now that you have a family to take care of. Drink your way to improved health with OJO Fortified Eye Nectar, the first doctor-formulated beverage designed to help protect and preserve vision. Want to keep your skin looking young and healthy without spending a fortune or using harsh chemicals? Own Skin Health Rejuvenating Cleanser is gentle and effective without the use of parabens and sulfates.
Let’s face it – Kids are messy. Designed by a mom of 3, Fresh Feet Wipes are the perfect clean up solution for kids and moms alike. Fresh Feet Wipes use natural ingredients to clean and refresh, making them a handbag essential for busy moms. Washing hands is an crucial part of keeping a healthy household, so why not treat your family to Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day basil hand wash? This soap contains aloe vera gel, olive oil and a unique blend of natural essential oils…have we mentioned the fresh basil scent? The whole family will love it!


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