Kardashians Koming to take or take down the Hamptons


First Vogue and now The Hamptons! Is there nothing left?!?!?!

There doesn’t seem to be confirmation yet whether it’s Southampton or East Hampton. But the Kardashians are coming to take or take down the Hamptons.

The show will follow the sisters as they open a new Dash store in the Hamptons.

Expect to see the Kardashian entourage at Polo, Tbe Palm,  Topping Rose, Surf Lodge and in the front room at Nick and Toni’s, etc.


The Daily News reports that some socialites aren’t thrilled by the idea, calling it a “mockery,” adding, “This isn’t the Jersey Shore.”


“Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons,” will focus on   their first pop-up store in the Hamptons. Debuting in the fall of 2014, the show which is produced by Bunim-Murray Productions andRyan Seacrest Productions, will most likely film during the height of the Hamptons summer season. Kourtney’s longtime partner, Scott Disick as well as their two adorable children will also be featured in the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” spinoff.