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Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide
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  • Bikini body workouts require no or minimal equipment.
  • Workout at home, at the park or at the gym.
  • High sweat 28 minute resistance sessions.
  • Injury rehabilitation, stretching and cooldowns.

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Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide
About Kayla Itsines

“I began my study in 2008 at the Australian Institute of Fitness. Upon completing the AIF Master Trainer course, I began working at a female-only personal training centre in Adelaide, South Australia. Soon after, I started my own business called The Bikini Body Training Company Pty. Ltd. and from there it began! After such an amazing response to my business in the first 6 months, I began to build an online presence via Instagram and Facebook, which essentially became my blog. This is where I started to upload client transformations, healthy eating ideas and some training tips for all the women I couldn’t reach around the world. In 2012, I also teamed up with my partner’s company, Fresh Fitness Solutions (founded in 2011), so we could run bootcamps in order to service more women who wanted our help. Several years later, we pride ourselves on our bikini body training, helpful nutrition guidelines and most importantly, continuing to help our clients achieve incredible, life-changing results. Together, we hope to continue bringing life-changing experiences to more and more women around the world! Including YOU!”

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