Jobs You Should Consider if You’re into Wellness

The wellness/lifestyle niche isn’t just a fad. It’s now one of the most lucrative sectors to find employment. With more people focusing on both mental and physical wellbeing, now’s a great time to become part of the wellness revolution as a career. If you’re curious which roles you could have, you’ve come to the right place. Below are top careers to consider in the field of wellness.

Education is Key

Before we jumped into the top jobs, it’s a good idea to talk about educational requirements. Most positions prefer candidates who have gone the extra mile and earned a degree. That’s not to say they won’t hire someone who has outside experience, however, having a degree gives you both the skills and knowledge you need to land your dream job. If paying for your degree is an issue, you could apply for a scholarship. There are scholarships for college students offered for a wide array of situations, including hardship and merit. You can find them online and apply for ones that are most applicable. You may be awarded either full or partial funding to cover studies.

Health Coach

Helping someone else restore their health is extremely rewarding. As a health coach, you can guide your clients in the right direction by helping them make better choices when it comes to eating, improved exercise habits and even ways to manage stress. Health coaches can work for themselves, or they can find employment in integrative medical centers. If you love helping others reach their wellness goals, this position might be right for you.

Personal Trainer

Personal trainers can find work in a number of places. They can also open their own business and offer personalized wellness programs to their clientele. If you go this route, you can choose to work with the general public, or you can opt to work with a specialized group of people. In example, maybe you’d like to work with women who are expecting. Or maybe you’d prefer to work with the elderly who want to remain active. Or you can keep it general and help people lose weight quickly and safely as your overall niche. You can also choose to teach online classes or work in a gym where you teach group lessons.

Health Program Coordinator

As health program coordinator, you’re responsible for creating programs that boost patient health. You can find HPCs working in nursing centers, rehab clinics, and even in hospitals. You can also find them in a variety of corporate settings creating company wellness plans.


If you love all things food, then becoming a nutritionist is a good choice for you. After you earn your degree, you can find work in a variety of places including hospitals, long-term care centers and even in local gyms or spas. You can even find employment within the local school system.


As a physiotherapist, you will help patients learn the best ways to manage painful symptoms while living a high quality of life. You need to earn at least a BA and then complete proper certification. Afterwards, you can find gainful employment in hospitals, physical therapy centers, and holistic medicine facilities. You may also find a role in an internist’s or orthopedist’s office as well.