How To Lose Weight Quickly and Safely

You can lose weight quickly as long as you are smart about it. Don’t try to do anything unhealthy in your quest to lose weight. These tips will help you to preserve your health while you are losing weight.

Eat Healthier Foods

Foods that are good for you are often the same ones that are recommended for quick weight loss. Eat more whole foods, and stay away from highly processed foods. Whole foods contain more fiber and nutrients and make you feel full for longer. Eat lots of proteins and low-carb vegetables.

Increase Your Daily Activity

Anything that you can do to increase your daily activity will directly affect your weight loss. Try going for more walks, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and biking or walking to work. Instead of calling or emailing your coworkers, walk over to their desk and talk to them. Do housework or gardening. Go out dancing to burn calories.

Drink Coffee or Tea

Coffee and tea are both diuretics that can reduce bloating and remove excess liquid from your body. Green tea also increases your metabolism, helping you to burn calories. Both coffee and tea also contain healthy antioxidants.

Reduce the Calories You Take In

Although calorie reduction is not the only factor in weight loss, it is an important one. Follow some of these suggestions to reduce the calories you consume every day:

1. Don’t eat between meals.

This will go a long way toward reducing your daily calories.

2. Don’t eat sauces and condiments.

They pile on extra calories but don’t make you feel full.

3. Eat lots of non-starchy vegetables.

Non-starchy vegetables don’t have many calories, but they give you lots of nutrients that you need to stay healthy.

4. Keep a calorie log.

Logging the calories you eat will help to keep you accountable. You will quickly learn what high-calorie foods you have been eating without thinking.

Try High-Intensity Interval Training

Studies have shown that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can have five times the effect on weight loss as other types of exercise. It also increases your metabolism and fat-burning hormones. Do some vigorous HIIT four times per week for best results.

Eat Fewer Carbs

A low-carb diet will help you to lose weight more quickly. High-carb foods such as sweets, bread and potatoes make your blood sugar spike, causing weight gain. After the sugar spike wears off, you become very hungry again and may look for unhealthy snacks. If you stick to lots of protein and vegetables, you will not experience this blood sugar roller coaster.

Eat a Good Breakfast

Your breakfast should contain both protein and fat. Eggs are a good choice, or try unsweetened yogurt or nuts. A good breakfast will help you to feel full and not give in to cravings for the rest of the day.

These tips should help you to lose weight quickly while making sure that you stay healthy. Add them to your diet plan to increase your chances for success.


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