Jewish Actress Jy Prishkulnik Speaks Out Against Hate & Recent Kanye Rants – Calls for Change!

In the wake of the recent anti-Semitic remarks by Kanye West, as well as a now-deleted Twitter post by New York Nets’ Kyrie Irving, actress, and activist Jy Prishkulnik is speaking out about the dangers of violent religious extremists and the harm being done by real threatened violence against Jews. A first-generation Jewish-American, born to an Israeli father and Italian mother, Jy Prishkulnik, who most recently starred in the hit teen film MONSTER HIGH: THE MOVIE, is calling for more voices to speak out against the rise of vitriol and hate in our country and for actions to be made – especially with the upcoming midterm elections, now is also a critical time to vote in representatives that publicly reject misinformation, hate, and anti-Semitism. We would love to set up an interview with you and Jy to discuss her activism and mission to end hate and violence.


Kanye West has been a controversial personality for several years now, but his most recent anti-Semitic tropes have fanned the flames of antisemitism gripping the nation in treacherous ways and emboldening racists and extremist groups to wave banners and do Nazi salutes in major metro areas such as Los Angeles and Jacksonville, Florida. Jy Prishkulnik knows that anti-Semitism is a tangible threat to Jews and the very fabric of democratic societies, and seeks to combat it through global diplomacy, political advocacy, coalition building, and strategic communications.


Most recently Prishkulnik brought to life the undead diva ‘Cleo De Nile’ in the live-action film MONSTER HIGH: THE MOVIE (Nickelodeon and Paramount+) which has already been greenlit for a sequel based on its success. Directed by Todd Holland (“Malcolm in the Middle”, “Black-ish”), MONSTER HIGH: THE MOVIE is a cross between HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL and THE ADDAMS FAMILY-style romp that is based on the extremely popular Monster High fashion dolls first launched by Mattel. Prishkulnik stars as ‘Cleo de Nile’, a centuries-old teenage Mummy who is popular and high achieving, but also something of a mean girl to her fellow classmates.

Born in Brooklyn, NYC, and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Jy grew up with a love of performing arts, taking lessons in ballet, tap, jazz, piano, violin, and flute. But it was acting that would catch her heart, and at a young age she began going on open auditions where she booked her first acting role on USA’s “In Plain Sight”. From there Jy began taking acting classes to hone her skills and shed some of her shy persona. At the age of 16 Jy decided to take the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHPSE) to get her high school diploma and make the move to Los Angeles to permanently pursue acting. She soon booked roles in the E! Network’s “The Arrangement”, FOX’s “Lethal Weapon”, the film ESCALA, Facebook Watch series “The Birch,” and Disney’s “Just Beyond” while enrolling at UCLA to major in English and a double minor in Theatre and Film.

When Jy is not busy in front of the camera, she spends her time dedicated to collaborating and working with other minority members in the industry, creating content and sharing stories that are often overlooked in the entertainment industry. Jy is very proud of her Jewish and Middle Eastern heritage and wants to use her voice and platform to help others achieve their dreams