Is Your Kitchen Equipped to Handle All Your Holiday Cooking?


If you plan on having a full house for the holidays, you’ve likely already gotten some requests for dinner and dessert dishes. When you’re preparing extra special treats, you’ll probably need kitchen appliances that will help you get the job done in as little time as possible. There are also several devices you can use that will prepare your food just the way you like it, with no added fat or sodium. Depending on which foods your holiday menu consists of, here are some suggestions for new appliances you can gift yourself to make sure this year’s holiday dinner is just right.

Ninja Foodi

Whether you’ve been looking for an air fryer to prepare your foods in a healthier way or you want foods with a tasty grilled flavor without having to grill outdoors, the Ninja Foodi is for you. You can prepare grilled vegetables as a tasty side dish for dinner or prepare Ninja Foodi chicken wings you and your family can enjoy as a main dish or appetizer. You can even use the Foodi to grill your favorite fruits and top them with ice cream for a decadent, guilt-free dessert.

Food Processor

Food processors are great for blending all the ingredients you need for dips, sauces or fruit toppings. You can even use a food processor to chop nuts or coconuts that will make a tasty finishing touch to your holiday desserts. Whether you’re serving hummus or black bean dip to your guests while you finish preparing Christmas dinner or you’re making a chimichurri sauce to top your fish or chicken, a food processor will definitely come in handy.


If you plan on serving a festive Christmas cocktail or homemade eggnog with dinner, you need a blender on hand to make bar-quality beverages. You can also use the blender to make delicious soups to serve before or with dinner and make your holiday meal complete.

Non-Stick Cooking/Serving Pots

Beautiful pots that have a non-stick coating and can be used to both cook and reset your food are a plus during the holidays. Large roasting dishes that allow you to cook a chicken or turkey with hearty root vegetables makes for easy cleanup and impressive presentation.

These are just a few of the tools you need to ensure your Christmas dinner is a success. Items that perform more than one function are also essential when you’re cooking for a crowd and want to make sure your holiday meal is ready in record time.


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