Is Glass Partition Safe? Yes, If Designed by Experts!


Can you tell me about glass portions and is it safe at all? Many people ask such questions. Why are there doubts when it comes to installing glass partitions in a house or office? Why do people doubt the safety of glass walls? Well, sometimes it seems that glass is a fragile and traumatic material. But the whole problem lies in the ignorance of the technology of manufacturing safety glass, which is then used in partitions, doors, stair railings, etc.

In many structures, tempered glass partitions CGP are used. It is often compared to steel. After the glass is tempered, it acquires the properties of strength and rigidity. The triplex glass is also often used. This is a laminated glass glued together with a special film.

If a glass wall is hit hard, it can shatter. However, if damaged, it crumbles into small pieces, which reduces the likelihood of injury of those who stand near it. And it is very difficult to break a triplex. But if such a glass partition is still cracked, it will not shatter into fragments. It will remain hanging on the film.

Glass panel partitions are not cheap. Still, regardless of the design idea, CommercialGlassPartitions is ready to find an inexpensive solution for you.

Advantages of Glass Partitions

Glass partition systems can fit well into the interior. After all, these designs visually expand the room and make it brighter. But is it worth using this idea to decorate the design of the room?

  • Saving open space. A glass door creates the illusion of full-fledged zoning, but doesn’t impede the movement of air in the room and doesn’t limit its volume. Sliding partitions allow you to transform a room, which is especially important for small spaces.
  • Natural insolation. Glass separation wall from CommercialGlassPartitions allows natural light to enter the darker part of the room. Thus, internal glass partitions let in much more light both into rooms with one window and without it at all.
  • Design takes up little space. Glass panel partition saves space as it is much thinner than its counterparts made of completely different materials. Here they can no longer be replaced by anything.
  • Style versatility. Glass fits any interior style. Only the correct presentation is important: the color, texture, and also originality of the design are taken into account.
  • Lots of decorating ideas. The next point is closely related to the previous one. Indeed, for glass panel partition walls made by CommercialGlassPartitions, there are also many options for arrangement. This material can be completely different in colors, degree of transparency, gloss and dullness, and smoothness and roughness.

You can apply absolutely any image to the glass panel systems from CommercialGlassPartitions or embed illumination in them. All this will depend on the chosen interior, as well as the function performed.

Now we can say that the fragility of glass structures is a myth. You can safely use them for decorating your room or offices without worrying about safety. These products are not only reliable but also stylish. They help easily divide the space into zones.


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