Is CBD Really Helpful to your Pet?

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Is your pet anxious or does he or she have separation anxiety? Does your cat or dog have pain and need relief? Not only can CBD help human adults with depression, anxiety, and pain, it also is useful for cats and dogs as well! Yes, there is a kind specially formulated for your pets and it does work.

How do you find reputable CBD for pets’ companies? You could just do a search online to find out more information, of course, but how do you know that it is right for your pets? View more to find out information about it and where to find it for your cat or dog. Also, follow the steps below for more details on CBD and how it will help your furry friends.

CBD for Dogs

People use this hemp extract to help with their pain and mental health issues, but what can it do for dogs? Well, CBD oil for dogs is not from the marijuana plant but comes from hemp instead and does not contain THC. But what benefits does it have for your dogs and what does it help treat?

What Health Benefits Does CBD Have?

CBD has various health benefits that are still under study right now, but some of the ways it can help your canine includes the following: it can treat neuropathic pain along with helping your pup if he or she has seizures. It also has positive heart health benefits, can be used for nausea, help your dog eat more, treat his or her anxiety or inflammation, and be used for anti-cancer reasons.

Now all these benefits are still under review for more studies, but so far these are the reasons pet owners are using CBD for their dogs. There is no concrete data proving it will work, but those with dogs have found it to be helpful for their pups in these specific areas.

Possible Side Effects

Now just like with anything, check with your vet before giving your dog CBD, of course, there may be signs of some side effects, but these are not too harmful. Possible side effects may include dry mouth; shown in dogs by drinking a lot of water, low blood pressure; which can manifest as dizziness, and drowsiness; which will have your pup sleeping more.

Now you need to keep in mind to follow proper dosage instructions, as listed here. As of now, there have not been any risks found yet for dogs using CBD oil. More studies need to be done and of course, you can always speak with your veterinarian for what is best for your pup.

CBD for Cats

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Not only can you buy CBD for your dog, but you can also get it for your cats! Now the dosage may vary due to breed and weight, so keep that in mind if you buy for both animals. Now there is little research on cats using CBD compared to dogs, however, it has been deemed safe for use on your felines.

You should never give an oil that contains THC or is from the marijuana plant to your cats. Always use it from the hemp plant instead. This means there is little to no THC in the oil which is safe for cats. Marijuana is not safe for pets and should never be given to your cat. However, CBD from hemp has been shown to be safe and usable for them.

However, the evidence is still being researched to see how it helps cats. Unlike the information on dogs, cats are still being investigated on its effectiveness. Since the popularity of it with dogs and humans, cat owners are now trying it for their feline friends. It has shown to be helpful but still needs more research for proof that it is, in fact, useful for them.

Health Benefits for Cats

There has been some evidence that CBD can help with IBD or Inflammatory Bowel Disease, arthritis pain, pancreatitis, asthma symptoms, seizures, and potential cancer symptoms. Even though there is not a lot of evidence for this, there is enough to show it can help with these issues. Keep in mind it is still something you need to discuss with your cat’s doctor first, along with asking about dosage. You can check this article to know more about the CBD benefits to cats:

How to Find the Right Oil

Finding the right CBD oil for your pets may be a difficult task, especially if you are not familiar with reputable companies that sell it. Make sure it comes as a liquid, for example in oil form, and that it is THC free. Also note if it is organic because you do not want to get it for your pets if it contains pesticides, solvents, or other dangerous chemicals. Make sure it is free of any additives and do not price shop.

The cheaper the oil, the more chemicals it may contain. Buying some that are higher priced usually will mean better quality and less toxicity. So, keep this in mind when you try to find some decent CBD for your pets. Do not buy it in treat form, as it is easier to control the dosage when it is in liquid form. Also, make sure you check how much CBD is in the product.

Most manufacturers will provide certification that has x amount of CBD and no traces of THC in it. If they fail to show this information then do not buy from them, most likely it is full of nasty chemicals you do not want to expose your cats or dogs to, and reputable companies will be as transparent as possible with their ingredients while even offering an analysis of it.