Introducing: The Shot Caller

JUST launched and currently going viral on TikTok, The Shot Caller is a one-of-a-kind kitchen/bar tool for making shots or jello shots that’s also American Made, available on Amazon, and under $50!

The Shot Caller is the first ever patented multi-shot dispenser and the brainchild of Matt and Trish Piazza from St. Louis, MO. Originally the Piazza’s invented The Jellinator solely for jello shots, but after selling thousands worldwide (with 2000+ 5-star reviews on Amazon) they decided to give The Jellinator a sleek redesign and thus The Shot Caller was born! While showing off their new design to friends in the restaurant industry, the couple quickly realized the product had far greater implications than making jello shots; it had the potential to revolutionize the Shots market!

Jello Shots aren’t just relegated to frat parties anymore- a quick google search and you can see that Martha Stewart, The Today Show, Mommy Blogs, and huge recipe blogs are sharing their favorite jello shot recipes!

Traditionally, the worst part about making jello shots is getting the hot, sticky liquid into hundreds of tiny cups. Now you can pour straight from the stove into the Shot Caller and dispense one-handed like a boss faster than you ever thought possible without the mess! You’ll be filling, not spilling. Thanks to the patented spring-loaded tip!

The Shot Caller has all the features you asked for:

  • Patented spring-loaded tip ensures no waste (“The Magic is In The Tip”)
  • No leaks or spills
  • Made of durable Triton material (dishwasher safe, BPA free)
  • Easy to clean and carry
  • Does not transfer heat so it’s safe to touch even when filled with hot liquid
  • Even FASTER shot dispensing
  • Holds 20 ounces of liquid
  • Portable shot dispensing (it’s not just for making jello shots anymore)
  • Perfect on pools or patios for mixed shots (lemon drops, kamikaze, etc.)

Everyone who likes to have fun in the kitchen without making a huge mess is going to love this gift! It’s especially fun if you include it in a basket with your favorite shot or jello shot ingredients as well!


Available at Amazon