Internet Booster: Make Your Fashion Studio Internet Faster


Working from your studio is difficult with a slow connection. Use these internet booster tips to fix or relieve your slow internet so you’ll get more work done!


How many times have you been in the middle of a creative project for your fashion studio and then suddenly – the internet connection slows to a grinding halt! Working with a slow connection is not just aggravating, it can stop the whole process dead in its tracks.

Sound familiar? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! Use these internet booster tips to fix your slow internet and get your project done today.

How to Boost Internet Speed

First things first, check your internet bill to see if you have a data cap. Chances are you have one and you didn’t even know about it. Data caps are the biggest reason why your internet connection may be slowing.

A data cap gives you a certain amount of data every month. This could be a couple of hundred gigabytes or even a couple of hundred megabytes.

If you go over that amount provided most internet service providers will begin to restrict your speed. This will seriously restrict your creative project.

Read the fine print at the bottom of your bill. If you have a data cap you can research other providers that are truly “unlimited” and make the switch. At the very least you can become more mindful of how you use your data.

The Easy Internet Booster Fix 

Are you still wondering how to increase internet speed? Perhaps the problem lies with where your router is placed. This is a quick and easy fix. If you are working in a remote corner of your fashion studio try moving the internet router closer to you or towards the middle of the studio if you have multiple people working together.

This quick and easy fix may just boost your speed. It’s worth a shot.

How to Increase Upload Speed

Is your fashion studio using wifi? Wifi is great if you need to move around with your tablets or laptops but it can seriously slow you down.

Often your internet connection has a much slower upload speed than the download speed. Test your upload and download speed to see if this is the case for your provider.

Then consider using the ethernet cable. Yes, you will have to plug your laptop in but if you are uploading something it will make it go much faster and then you can disconnect.

Ethernet cables send the signal directly to your computer instead of relying on airway transmission so it can increase your upload speed. Most wireless routers also include an ethernet cable so this could be a pretty cost-efficient and quick fix as well.

Plugin the ethernet cable before uploading, downloading, or watching data-heavy videos on your laptop. Ethernet cables also are more secure than Wi-Fi. So if you need to do any online banking for your fashion studio it’s best to do it with the ethernet cable.

Your Router Needs a Break

When was the last time you gave your internet router a break? If you can’t remember then it has been too long! Giving your router a break every month or so can refresh your internet and boost your internet speed.

If your fashion studio is located in an area with a particularly poor internet connection it may help to give your router a break once a day. Play around with it and see what works best for you.

Simply turning off the router or hitting the reset button can be the fix. Give your router time to refresh before you start using it again. Keep in mind this isn’t a magic fix but getting into the habit of resetting your router every once in a while can help boost internet speed and it’s a pretty simple fix.

Also, be sure to check that you have an appropriate router for the devices your fashion studio is running. Here is the best wireless router for Mac computers.

How to Speed Up Internet

Another way to give your internet a quick boost is to check what internet browser you are using. Some browsers take up a lot of data. We recommend trying Opera.

Opera streamlines the data on web pages and gives you a faster browsing experience. This can help boost your internet speed on a day when it is particularly slow.

Also, avoid keeping dozens of windows open at a time as this can also decrease your internet speed. We are guilty of this ourselves whenever we get into a creative mindset. This is just another thing to be aware of that can affect the speed of your internet.

Install Anti-Virus Software

This next tip we can’t repeat enough. Install anti-virus software and keep it up to date. Malware scanning software can help detect viruses lurking on your computer. These viruses can drag down your internet speed but they can also cause a lot of harm to your computer.

If you are not planning on replacing all the computers in your fashion studio anytime soon, then we recommend installing anti-virus software that scans regularly. If you do a lot of downloading this software will make sure to protect your computer from downloading harmful things unintentionally.

How to Increase Download Speed

Is your fashion studio’s download speed dragging you down? Well, there may not be too much you can do to fix this. Sometimes it may just be your internet service provider that provides slow download speeds in your area. The best way to fix this is to give them a call and ask.

Chances are they will conduct a speed test to see how your internet download speed is performing. They may have some options that can boost your internet like adding an internet booster or running new cables in your studio.

If all else fails it may be time to go with a new provider, but you’ll never know until you give them a call. If a change of provider is in your future here is a roundup of some of the best internet service providers.

Don’t Let a Slow Internet Connection Hold You Back

These are just a few simple things you can do to speed up your internet. Apply these internet booster tips and watch as your fashion studio’s internet picks up the pace. If you liked this article be sure to share this article with your fashion colleagues so their internet speed will be faster too!


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