Interior Design Tips That Will Make You Happier at Home


You probably love your home, but does it love you back? Does it provide you with happiness? Does it make you feel relaxed and content every time you step over the threshold? If not, you’re doing something wrong. One’s house needs to be an oasis of happiness and peace, so if your home is everything but relaxing and fun, it’s time for a little makeover. Here are a few ideas that will help you design a happier home.

Change your color palette

Colors have a strong effect on human beings. Some shades even carry certain memories and we associate them with events from the past. So, when choosing your color palette, make sure to consider both your personal impression and the general impression a shade leaves. For instance, bright and warm colors (yellow, orange, red) usually have a more cheerful tone than blues and neutrals. If you’re aiming for relaxation, greens, whites and grays are great options.

Let the sunshine in

For hundreds of years, doctors have been encouraging people to go out and catch some sunlight. Natural light boosts the production of happy hormones, endorphins and serotonin, so make sure your home is showered in sunlight. Adjust your window treatment and remove all chunky furniture pieces away from the windows. You can also invest in a mirror or two to disperse the light and make your space brighter and happier.

Buy fresh flowers for your space

There’s nothing like seeing a fresh and vibrant part of nature every time you walk into your home. It will not only change the way your space feels but also fill you with new energy and life. So, grab a few potted plants for your entrance and living room to heighten the feelings of satisfaction. If you’re notoriously bad with plants, you can opt for something low-maintenance like peace lily or buy an occasional bouquet of fresh flowers. Combine it with a beautifully sculpted vase and you’ll further enhance the happiness.

Improve your sleep

No matter how beautiful your bedroom is, unless you’re sleeping on a quality mattress, you’ll never enjoy your night’s rest properly. And waking up stiff will definitely not make you happy. So, ditch your old bed and opt for a brand-new king mattress that will provide you with the right balance between support and comfort. The best brands even give you a chance to customize your mattress (adjust firmness, softness, warmth or coolness).

Scent it up

Lavender is a well-known relaxant often used for anxiety, depression and insomnia. Chamomile is also perfect for relaxation, while citrus scents boost mood and energy. So, if you often feel down or overly stressed, grab a scent diffuser and fill your home with aromas that boost your wellbeing. Today, you can also find all sorts of scented candles, so you can enjoy dual relaxation—scents and warmth of an open flame.

Invest in fun and unexpected pieces

Minimalist spaces tend to be very relaxing and peaceful, but often quite sterile and impersonal. So, if you want to brighten up the space and add some cheer, don’t hesitate to invest in a fun and unexpected piece of furniture or décor. Think a statement chair, bold art or interesting textural throw pillows. One bold piece will let you retain your minimalist aesthetics yet fill your space with new energy and positive vibes.

Let the music play

Music directly influences the way humans feel and respond to stimuli. Just like neutral colors boost relaxation and bold art boosts happiness, minor (sad) and major (happy) modes in music can influence your emotions. So, fill your space with appropriate music and you’ll achieve your desired emotional response. Music is really easy to incorporate in your space: just grab a pretty speaker, connect it to your Spotify playlist and let your fave tunes put you in a good mood. If you prefer a vintage aesthetics, opt for a gorgeous Eames radio while modern smart speakers can look very chic in a contemporary home. Turn them on as soon as you get home and feel as the stress melts and disappears.

None of these tips are hard or expensive to achieve, so make sure to pick a few of these ideas and incorporate them into your home today. You’ll instantly feel serenity and cheer fill your heart. Finally, your home will make you feel good about yourself and what you’ve achieved.


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