Inner Core Strengthening & Good Posture Leads to a Better Sex Life

Romance Can Blossom on Valentine’s Day

As you strengthen your inner core muscles, your whole body will move properly with increased flexibility, pain-free joints and overall relaxation to support a better sexual experience with your spouse or romantic partner. It makes sense that being fit is simply sexier! Expert lifestyle coach and creator of the “inner core workout” Alice Ann Dailey teaches her Dailey Strengthening secrets straight from her new book to help make romance in the bedroom more exciting.

“A good upright posture can help men and women have a better sex life at any age. Your body chemistry is affected by balanced postural alignment which provides a healthy flow of blood to all areas of the body including the organs and glands. Hormones of the endocrine system, including those that regulate reproduction, sexual health, and fat metabolism, will also have a healthy flow.”

“In balanced alignment, all of the organs, glands, joints, and muscles of your pelvis, knees and feet (see triangles 1, 2, and 3) will have a healthy, functional, strong and pain-free life!”

Spice up your sex life at any age!

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