Improve Your Tech Skills with These 7 Helpful Tricks


Do you feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with rapidly changing technology? These 7 tips can help you improve your tech skills with ease!


More than 7.5 million jobs in the United States are currently unfilled. Part of the reason for this void is the widening gap in digital literacy. Would you consider yourself tech-savvy?

Tech skills are now a highly-considered prerequisite in most companies. This is considering the current drive towards future-proofing the workforce.

How well you know your way around computers could be the only factor standing between you and your dream job. However, most prospective employees don’t know what specific tech skills the recruitment team narrows down to in the selection process.

Is the rapid change in the technological landscape proving overwhelming? Trying to keep up with the ever-evolving tech environment can be challenging. Nonetheless, with these seven tips, you should be able to get your groove on as you sharpen your tech skills.

1. Enroll in Technical Classes, Workshops, and Seminars

No one has a monopoly on knowledge. This is especially true when considering the evergreen technological landscape where innovations are on the cards every second.

Are you looking to sharpen your tech skills? This could be a sure way to help you stand out among the crowds.

Attending technical classes, workshops, and seminars could be a perfect start. You’ll find countless programs online or in physical classrooms where specific technology or product development is the main agenda. Such platforms present an opportunity to learn from experts while interacting with other like-minded participants.

Sharing and comparing notes within such seminars or workshops is a sure way to excel. Online courses through partnerships with companies such as Udemy can help keep your tech skills fresh.

2. Join a Professional Organization 

Technology is currently sweeping the global economy with a force previously unknown. This change forms the main reason most companies are rushing against time to hire tech-savvy staff. If you’re yet to join a professional organization, then you aren’t taking the technological evolution to the heart.

Professional bodies such as ISACA or ISSA are some of the most informative associations every tech-oriented individual should have affiliations with, through membership. These organizations run periodic training weeks or corporate training programs for all their members.

Such opportunities are essential given their focus on keeping members abreast of all innovative trends. The best part is that every state, county, or small city has some professional organization. Such bodies offer a perfect chance to learn and expand your tech skills.

3. Read Widely

The World Wide Web has broadened the scope of research and results. Google receives more than 5.6 billion searches per day from users who are eager for information.

Most of the tech skills you need are hidden somewhere in a blog or a tech news article. Over the years, online content has become king. This is especially when it comes to searches related to “How to.”

All you need is to find a few blogs or articles that are relevant to your field of expertise.

Reading such content helps you remain current on everything that’s trending in the world of tech. You can consider blogs that keep their content up to date with press releases or RSS feeds as some of your best bets if you want to cultivate a reading culture.

One such blog you can camp at for all your quick fixes is on the Setapp site. Here you’ll read about everything related to Mac personal computers. Whether it’s your Bluetooth not available on Mac or any other annoying technical hitch, reading through websites such as Setapp will provide the tech skills you need.

4. Make Friends With Computer Geeks 

There’s always that one person in your list of acquaintances who is a certified computer geek. Your path towards technology skills might just become more apparent if you can develop cordial relations with such individuals. While you might have in-depth theoretical knowledge on specific tech areas, tech geeks tend to have out-of-the-book experience, which sets them apart.

Are you wondering how to go about troubleshooting computer issues like a pro? Finding a mentor in the tech world might be the first step towards realizing this dream. You can start this journey by interacting with that computer geek you consider a nerd in the tech field.

5. Focus on Trends

A simple search online on the most in-demand tech skills in 2020 will provide a long list of the trending developments in the technology world.

How many of these trends can you consider part of your niche areas? Did you know that machine learning job openings increased by 344% between 2015 and 2018?

Such statistics show how specific sectors in the tech landscape continue to shape the job market. If you want to align your tech skills with the developments in the job market, keeping up with the changing trends is a must.

6. Volunteer on Technical Projects 

Sometimes the only way to get something is by giving. Budding techies can benefit from offering their services on a volunteer basis in tech projects around them. Technical experience tramples over theoretical knowledge any day when it comes to tech skills.

What you need is to align your thirst for knowledge with as many volunteer programs as you can. This way, you’ll get access to information that would ordinarily be lacking among your peers. If you want to improve your computer skills, you might need to move out of your comfort zone.

7. Learn a Wide Range of Software Applications 

The rule of thumb when it comes to tech skills is learning begets learning. This means that as you open up your minds to a wide range of software applications, the journey to expanding your knowledge will be limitless.

Once you cultivate a culture of learning matters of software applications, it will be a sure way to future-proof your career. As the world moves swiftly towards tech-reliance, only individuals who are well-versed with software applications will survive the job market demands.

Future-Proof Your Career With the Right Tech Skills 

Nothing prepared the world well enough to deal with the sweeping technological changes that have become part of the 21st century. The global economy has had to realign itself around the speed with which technology is currently evolving. Your future value as an employee will depend on the tech skills that set you apart from the competition.

With modern job markets grappling with the skill gap left in the wake of disruptive technology, you can’t afford to be redundant.

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