If You’ve Got or Want a Pool, you Need a Vinnie

Vinnie Groppa: Transforming Backyards into Personal Paradises

Meet Vinnie Groppa, the Man Behind the Magic

If you’ve ever dreamed of turning your backyard into a stunning oasis, Vinnie Groppa is your go-to guy. Founder of V. Groppa Pools and co-owner of Gunite Pools of Westchester, Vinnie brings over five decades of family legacy and a passion for pool design that’s unmatched. Known affectionately as the “pool artist to the stars” (though he humbly denies it!), Vinnie’s expertise extends far beyond Hollywood glamour.

A Family Legacy: From Humble Beginnings to a Growing Empire

Vinnie’s journey began early, growing up in the heart of the family pool business. He learned the ropes from his father and uncle, starting his own venture at just 15 with a beat-up Buick Skylark and a dream. Today, V. Groppa Pools and Gunite Pools of Westchester stand as testaments to craftsmanship, integrity, and exceptional service.

Innovation and Expansion: From Westchester to Beyond

While rooted in Westchester County, NY, Vinnie’s vision knows no bounds. His recent expansion into Greenwich, CT, Fairfield County, and even the Hamptons reflects his commitment to bringing unparalleled pool designs to upscale locales. Clients not only trust Vinnie for his creativity but also for his dedication to safety and functionality in every project.

Beyond Pools: Enhancing Homes and Lives

For Vinnie, it’s not just about building pools—it’s about enhancing property values and lifestyles. Realtors and homeowners alike rely on his expertise to elevate their homes with custom pool designs, hot tub installations, and innovative safety features. His insights on pool safety, including the latest in alarms and automatic covers, ensure peace of mind for families across the region.

A Passion for Design: Where Creativity Meets Craftsmanship

What sets Vinnie apart is his innate ability to envision the perfect pool for any space. Whether it’s a sleek modern design or a naturalistic oasis complete with waterfalls, Vinnie’s designs are as diverse as the landscapes he transforms. Each project reflects his passion for turning backyard dreams into reality, leaving clients with spaces they cherish for years to come.

Get in Touch with Vinnie Groppa

Ready to transform your backyard? Contact Vinnie Groppa at Gunite Pools of Westchester at 914-769-3513 or visit gunitepoolsofwestchester.com to learn more about how he can make your pool dreams a reality. Join us in celebrating Vinnie’s journey and his dedication to making every backyard a personal paradise.

Listen to the Conversation

Catch Vinnie Groppa in a lively discussion with Debbie Nigro on The Debbie Nigro Show, where he shares his insights and stories from the world of pool design. Can’t listen? Read the full transcript of their conversation here.

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