If You Build an Osprey Nest, Will They Come? The Answer is Yes!

Westchester Land Trust replaces Osprey platform for nesting birds at Otter Creek Preserve in Mamaroneck

Dear Stacy,

On Thursday, February 28, from 8 a.m. – noonWestchester Land Trust (WLT) staff and volunteers will be at WLT’s Otter Creek Preserve in Mamaroneck replacing the preserve’s Osprey platform; Osprey’s use these platforms to build their nests on (which can be up to 300 pounds!) and house their young.

Starting at 8am on Thursday, staff will be hauling in lumber, tools, and 650 pounds of scaffolding. We welcome you to come out, document their work and observe them in action! If you have any questions or comments, I encourage you to email our Director of Stewardship, Brendan Murphy at Brendan@WestchesterLandTrust.org or call him at 914-234-6992 ext. 10.

Since Ospreys are migratory birds, it’s critical that we repair the platform now, before they return in the Spring. Our staff has been monitoring the species on eBird, an online database of bird observations, to ensure we act in time. As of today, the Ospreys are in Virginia Beach.

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