I Still Want Her Back – Reconciling After A Bad Breakup


At some point after a breakup, you may realize that you can’t live without your ex-girlfriend. Know more exes here. After thousands of bits of advice and when you have given some thought about how the relationship went sour, you still realize that you can forgive her.

However, before you buy fresh red roses and come charging in her apartment to ask for forgiveness, you need to do several things first. These things can include the following:

Find the Real Reason of the Breakup

There are times when you just wake up one morning and receive a text from your loved one. They might say that they want to end your relationship because they need to find themselves. You might have already heard that stuff before and realize that finding themselves is not the real reason why they would want to end something that both of you have built for several years.

Know if they are breaking up because of another lover or pressure from families. Knowing the real reason will help you address the problem and you can make up with her easier. If it’s because of another lover and you still want to be with her, you should prove that you are worth more than her current beau. If it’s because of family, work hard to impress them and prove to them that you are the best person who can take care of their daughter or sister.

Show to Her How Important She Is

If you are the reason why you two broke up, you need to prove to her over and over again that you have changed. It’s not something that should be said. It is something that should be consistently proven. Your actions can tell her a lot that you are not the person you were before and you will never hurt her the second time around. Know more ways on how you can get her back fast when you visit getexbackforgood.com which can provide you more thorough information.

If she likes long talks and quality time and you were not able to give this to her before, then now is the right time to focus your attention on her. If she wants gifts, then bring her flowers, stuff toys, and other things that she loves. If she wants affirmation, then praise her constantly. Just show her that you are willing to give her what she wants and you will do everything to give her the things that she deserves in this lifetime.

Be Prepared

If you are going to go to her, be prepared. Dress up, shave, and get a haircut if this is the first time that you and she will see face-to-face after months or years of breakups. Do not be silent when you are in front of her and speak from the heart. Tell her in a non-argumentative way the things that she did that made the relationship change and admit what went wrong on your part too.

Be accurate and brief. Your ex-girl might not give you all the time in the world to explain your intentions. Make sure that you prepare yourself for the questions and blame that can ensue as she would view your “date” as a kind of confrontation. Do not react negatively when she blames you or recriminate on what you have said to her. It is pretty much straightforward but you can learn more here: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/uk/love-sex/relationships/a12473891/getting-back-with-an-ex/

Initiate Contact

You can message her, go to her workplace, show up at her place, or ask her for a date. Do these things if the timing is right. If she is open to the idea of getting back together, you can expect delight or surprise when she sees you again. When you call her, try to tell her that she has been constantly in your mind without trying to sound like a psycho.

When you are introducing yourself, try to go slow. Do not overwhelm her. She needs time to process her feelings and she needs also to evaluate if she’s ready to accept you. Stroke her ego, the nicer and sweeter you were in your reintroduction, the higher your chance of getting back together with her. When you go back with your ex, you need to prove to her that you are not getting back to hurt her. Instead, make her realize that she’s the most special girl in the world.


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