Hunting for Ghost Writers: How to Tell Good From Bad

 Who are Ghostwriters?

Ghostwriters are the people hired to write a book, an article or a blogpost but will not take the credit as the authors. The name on the writing piece would belong to the person who employs the ghostwriter. All the works of a ghostwriter are visible to the users and readers. The main reason why they are called ghostwriters is that their identities are not being publicly acknowledged and known. They are employed to do various kinds of writing, starting from making a blog post, public speech, film scripts, and finishing with series of books. This is beneficial to both a client and a writer. The client will have a nicely written work and the writer will get paid. It is a win-win situation.


Whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to find a skilful wordsmith to work for you or just want to be involved in writing, here are the things that you need to know on what separates good ghostwriters from the bad ones:

1.    Great ghostwriters always do, the bad ones only tell.

In the most life and work situations, acting is always better than talking. It means that ghostwriters can tell you so many things about how skilful they are, how wonderful their writing is and how fast they will finish the work, but until you actually see their work, you cannot be sure. So, it is better to choose those ghostwriters, who show you their samples upfront and are not against having a trial period so that you can check their actions, not promises.

2.    Great ghostwriters learn fast

The thing about ghostwriting is that you need to write on categorically different topics every time. Of course you can be knowledgeable in one specific area and take orders only on the relevant topics. However, a truly great ghostwriter is able to take different kinds of orders, make researches and acquire new knowledge as fast as possible.

3.    Great ghostwriters should be time-efficient and skilful in writing.

  • Lack of time. That’s a universal problem for writers. However, good ghostwriters will never take more orders than they can handle.
  • Lack of writing skills. I myself have been using ghostwriting services for a long time. It started in college when I would ask them to write my book report for me or finish my coursework. And now I use their services for work when I don’t have time to write content for my site. Having worked with many different ghostwriters, I can definitely tell that not all of them can actually write, which is crazy. Some of them don’t even know the language well and don’t bother familiarizing with the topic before writing about it.

Writing is a practice and should be done persistently to execute it well. A great ghostwriter must provide an engaging work that each bookworm will find interesting and captivating. So, my advice will be to ask for samples and firstly give them a slam piece of writing to do to see how good or bad they are.

4.    A great ghostwriter is confident and creative

Some clients give ghostwriters clear tasks and directions on what exactly they want to see in their work. Many others, though, just give them a topic and ask them to make great content out of it. And they should be able to do both! If there is only a topic, a good ghostwriter will organize, visualize, and make research out of it. As a freelance writer, you probably studied a lot of concepts from different articles and books you have read. In ghostwriting, you should apply the various ideas you have learned from the previous topics you have composed. This will improve your creativity and imagination.


An important trait that you should have to be successful in writing is confidence. If you have this trait, there is a higher chance of getting clients because they will see that you believe in your skills. They might be willing to get you to create the content they need for their books and even on their blog post. Another is, you should have the confidence to accept the fact that, all the admiration and compliments for your work whether it is for a blog post or for an article will go to your client and you will remain unseen by the readers. Once I heard a very smart thought from a ghostwriter from Wow Essays, who said that it doesn’t take talent to be a ghostwriter – all you need is time to make researches, simple writing skills not to make grammar and spelling mistakes, and a desire to do this.



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