How Wearing Spiritual Items Can Change Your Outlook In Life


In every culture, there is a belief in religion and spirituality that men of science will sometimes try to discredit. However, they are subjects worthy of exploration because they are beliefs that people follow and consider as a part of everyday life.

Many spiritual items represent different meanings, so they are worn every day as a way of keeping the representation of their belief close to them. But how true is it that spiritual items can affect one’s belief system?

Why Spiritual Materialism Is Becoming Common

People view spiritual items as tools to keep a specific belief alive, like prayers, chants, and other types of rituals. They wear such items with the hope of attracting positive energy for themselves – for an endeavor, for enhancing one’s performance, for their households, and more.

The faith of people in higher forces at work becomes stronger when wearing spiritual items, such as those available from Conscious items.

Some people also believe that spiritual items serve mainly for enhancement and protection. Various cultures believe in keeping talismans that harness mental talents and amulets for the protection against evil forces. Both are sometimes in possession of one person because these are also tools used to harm others.

Types Of Spiritual Items and How They Change One’s Outlook In Life

These common spiritual items are of different materials, and people imbue them with blessings and prayers for various purposes. Some are made naturally and are said to possess specific energies that may change one’s outlook in life.

Crystals and Natural Stones

Out of all spiritual items today, crystals and stones are the most popular and sought. Crystals and natural stones are materials formed deep underground. They have high value because of their unique and translucent colors. They are also depicted as magical items by many cultures for hundreds of years.

From old world beliefs to current fashion and influencer merchandise, crystals and naturals stones are not just typical accessories. They are products of the new ageism and alternative medicine. Many believe that they contain healing properties and energies that take away daily stresses, enhances spiritual gifts, and even promote harmony in one’s home.

Many swear by the effectiveness of crystals and natural stones as they feel the positive effects claimed by the producers of these elements. They are not just pretty to look at, but they are also helping draw positivity from the users themselves.

Here are some examples of crystals and stones that can impact one’s life:

  • Amethyst: used as a sleeping aid, cleanses the blood, rids the mind of negative thoughts, and relieves pain
  • Moonstone: the gemstone carried by those who are looking forward to new beginnings and, at the same time, promotes intuition and positive thinking.
  • Citrine: encourages positive emotions, such as joy, optimism, and provides mental clarity.
  • Sapphire: it symbolizes royalty and aids in anxiety and depression while attracting peace and prosperity.


  1. Metals

People wear metallic items, such as gold, silver, and steel, like jewelry. Like crystals and natural stones, metals are also revered in different cultures. Depending on the metal your wearing, your outlook in life would also change by wearing these metals.

Ancient countries, such as China and Persia, see gold as a symbol of power, wealth, prosperity, and social status since gold is considered an element with very high value – as both currency and as an adornment. In some cultures, gold can enhance your spiritual gifts, to call the divine power, and eliminate negative energy.

Silver, on the other hand, is seen as a healing and protective element in many cultures. They believe that it has a secure connection with moon goddesses, raises psychic abilities, and provides mental peace.

Associated with the planet of Mars, steel is another element that protects the wearer from psychic attacks and negative energy.

   Symbols, Images, or Items For Praying

Good examples are the symbol of the Crucifix, the rosary, Buddha beads, the St. Benedict Medal, the Star of David, crystal pendulums, and more. Some of them represent the religious group you belong to. Others are instruments for focusing your prayers, chants, intentions, and more.

User and wearer of these items channel their intentions in these items, and people incorporate their uses in their daily lives. The rosary beads are used almost the same way as Buddha beads, which are both for prayers and the practice of meditation. Each bead represents a repetitive prayer or chant to complete a cycle.

Why Wear Spiritual Items?

There are many reasons why people invest in wearable spiritual tools. The following are some examples of spiritual items that believers like to wear and why.

  • Jewelry

Rings symbolize vows, and people wear them as a promise to keep these vows. Earrings, according to Hinduism, protect the ears from soundwaves that bring negatives energy. Necklaces protect the neck down to the abdomen to keep them in good condition. The weight of the necklace is also to humble the wearer.

Gems are said to improve the physical health and the psychological behaviors of the wearer. Jewelry is typically made of metal, stones, crystals, or combinations of two elements or all of them.

Jewelry, in general, gives acupressure to the different parts of the body, stimulating the interconnecting nerves to make them function properly.

  • Essential Oils

The use of flowers and herbs are from the ancient practice of herbalism. The purposes of individual plants, flowers, and spices were common when western medicines do not exist yet.

Today, people look at herbalism as an extension of alternative medicine. People apply essential oils from flower extracts through roll-ons, creams, and more. It can improve one’s mood and de-stress through mild scents.

Aromatherapy is used as a treatment for the spiritual healing of mind and body. Many types of products stimulate the sense of smell and can easily be absorbed by the skin. They are made with flowers and herbs, like sage, geranium, ginger, lemon, tea tree, and chamomile. Aromatherapists claim that they can treat insomnia, depression, erectile dysfunction, arthritis, menopause, and more.

In Conclusion

People all over the world came from various cultures and beliefs. That means that one view does not make the other any less. We experience different things in our lives that help support how we feel towards a particular religion or belief. Who is to say that one belief is wrong and the other is right?

Wearing spiritual items can be both the cause and the result of such experiences that one may consider life-changing. Some may not agree with this type of practice, but they only need to be respectful and understand other people’s cultures and traditions. People may channel their hope in spiritual materialism, but what is more important are good intentions and to keep the faith alive.


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