How To Take Care of a Baby – Tips for New Parents

Caring for a newborn can seem to be a challenging task for new parents. From breastfeeding to burping and putting them to sleep, you can be anxious and wonder whether you are doing things the right way or not. Below are some of the tips to help you take care of your baby.

Be Careful When Holding Them

Holding a baby, especially during the first few days, can be stressful. You may wonder whether you are doing it right and still fear that they may slip out of your hands because of their small size. To hold a baby, pick them up while placing one hand under their head and the other under their bottom. Make yourself comfortable, and support their head and neck as you hold them.

When the baby is a few months old, they start sitting down. Most babies begin to sit from 7-to 9 months, but others may start as early as six months. Let them explore different approaches when this time comes but stay close by. You can also use a baby support pillow for sitting to help them sit comfortably without straining.

Always Check Bathing Temperatures

Bathing a baby can be tricky. One of the things you need to be careful with is the bathing temperature. Generally, the water should be warm and not hot. You can use a thermometer to be sure that the temperature is not too hot to scald the baby. When using it, the temperature should not exceed 120 Fahrenheits.

Breastfeeding Tips

When you watch other mums with older kids, you may think breastfeeding is so easy. However, it’s not always the case for new moms.

To make breastfeeding less of a hassle, always ensure the baby is in the correct position. Let them face your breasts with the front parts of their bodies facing yours. Their tummy should be in contact with yours. Additionally, avoid creating a breastfeeding schedule but instead let the baby feed when they demand it.

Sleeping Tips

If your baby is not sleeping for long, you may suffer from sleep deprivation. This is a very common experience for many parents, and it leaves them very exhausted. To address this issue and get some sleep, at least you can sleep in shifts with your partner or your baby’s caregiver. One person sleeps while the other takes care of the baby. The old phrase that says you should sleep when the baby sleeps can also work here.

Don’t Forget to Maintain Your Sanity

Taking care of a newborn can be very challenging, especially for new mothers. Maybe you haven’t been getting enough sleep, you may feel sore, and your baby might be fussy. Dealing with such happenings at the same time can take a toll on your sanity.

However, it doesn’t have to get there. Small things such as reconnecting with your friends and getting an extra hand can greatly help. Taking care of a baby is no easy feat. Babies can be very demanding, and if you aren’t prepared to handle the demands, things can get tough on you. They are also very delicate and require extra care. Use the tips above to take care of your little one.