How to Survive the Summer of 2020



Summer is the hottest season that falls between spring and autumn. In this season, most individuals spend it at the shores, pools, or beaches enjoying the awesome breeze brought by the oceans and water. But in 2020, things are different. With the corona pandemic, there are rules for people to stay at home and observe the social distancing rules. Unlike other years, there is a need to find ways to survive during this year’s summer. How do we do it?


Thanks to this article, it will provide some of the ways you can get over this 2020 summer.

Have a Routine

Every family is now having their kids at home and not at school, as usual. For them to be busy, they need to have a routine to stop them from misbehaving. How is it possible? Train them to have a daily routine from the time they wake up to when they go to sleep. Not only the kids, but even you and other grownups also need to have a method. Find some daily activities you can do with the people and stick to that. Ensure everyone does as per what the routine says. In the routine, you can include chores, garden activities, games, reading, mealtime, and many more daily activities, which will ensure you stay safe at home.

Limit Screen Time

Due to the stay at home rule, you might be spending most of your time watching TV or working on your computer or phone. But is it useful? It might be but not in the long run. You need to limit your time and that of your family members. You can engage in some garden games such as bike riding, ball game, or venture into money-making activities, as explained on this site  By making money while at home, you will be able to pay some bills, and your kids will get some pocket money to help them along the way.

Stay Connected

When staying at home, you need to stay updated with what is happening all over the world. You also need to know how your other family and friends are coping. This situation requires you to have the necessary gadgets and the internet, which will help you stay connected. On this pandemic, you can organize dates and meetings through online streaming services or have a friendly visit, which will involve taking care of yourself and maintaining the set health guidelines. You can chat, call each other, video call, and video conferencing, and send each other photos on how to stay safe and kill boredom.

Reward Family Members

How is it related to surviving during the summer? Remember, these times are hard for individuals who like staying outdoors and having fun. You need to create some form of competition between you and your family members. Reward those who outperform others and give gifts to those who succeed in anything. By doing so, you will encourage everyone else to participate in whatever they are doing, thus creating some form of competition that will help pass the time.


When staying with your kids at home, you need to keep them engaged. By doing so, you can introduce games that will keep them busy.

Get Help

Are you stuck on anything you are doing at home? If yes, you can seek help in various ways. With the COVID-19 pandemic, some are undergoing financial strain and also lack of jobs to sustain their lives. If you are among them, do not shy off. Get help from family and friends to enable you to survive this summer.


Also, get a mental check-up to determine your mental health once in a while if you are stressed or feeling depressed. At these hard times, many people are undergoing mental stress due to things not working out, including jobs and businesses. Seek help whenever possible.


Create an Academic Time with Your Kids

You might be having school-going children, and they are at home due to the ongoing crisis. Maybe you are worried about their education and learning processes since they have been disrupted by the social distancing and staying at home procedures. You don’t need to get worried. You can survive this by setting academic moments with your children and also offer them online classes done by skilled tutors.


The year 2020 came with a lot of challenges, which we need to find ways to overcome them and get our lives going. Some issues require out of the box thinking, and we have provided some tips you can use in this article. You can add these by seeking professional help and other materials to u in surviving this year, 2020.