How to Spot Home Plumbing Problems



Plumbing issues can feel like they never end, and this is a gripe that homeowners have had since the dawn of indoor plumbing. There is always something that needs to get done when it comes to home repairs or improvements but it should never feel like there is something seriously wrong with such an important function of the home.

Dealing with plumbing problems starts with recognizing them. Many people are unsure of what plumbing problems can even look like so it is important to brush up on your knowledge of what to look for.

Check out how to spot plumbing problems in your home:

Leaking Faucets

Leaking faucets are a dead giveaway of some plumbing issues in your home. They can be minor, like a simple tightening of a nut, or it could be indicative of more serious issues with your pipes or water system. In any case, fixing leaking faucets is important because it can be wasting serious amounts of water, up to 3000 gallons a year. Yeah, it is not good. Luckily, faucets are an easy problem to spot because you will see and hear the drip but it is always good to go around the house routinely and check your sinks, showerheads, bath faucets, and hoses for any leaking.

Water Damage/Water Spots

Another issue with your home plumbing that is pretty easy to spot is water damage and water spots. You will likely find these problems around bathtubs, sinks, behind toilets, and where joints or pipes are hidden behind walls. Discolored spots, stale smells, and chipping paint are usually pretty obvious and they can provide you the awareness of leaking pipes. Fixing water damage is pretty hard as it can work its way through drywall or mess up your paint, but you can re-plaster and drywall it again with a little work so it is not impossible to fix, just takes a little time. It is important to spot these issues quickly to prevent serious long term damage to wood or worse. It is not unheard of for toilets or tubs to sink through a floor because of structural damage.

Water Pressure Issues

Fixing your water pressure issues is another matter. Usually this is something you might not even notice but it requires some elbow grease. If you click here, you can see how the experts can fix this, which is usually advised as you likely do not have the tools or expertise to go messing about with your plumbing. Water pressure issues persist in showers and taps, mostly. You will notice that the water feels too weak, but sometimes it can feel really strong too. These issues, as mentioned, should be left to the professionals because you might not be able to find the core problem.

Problems With Hot and Cold Water Temperatures

Issues with your hot and cold water is also symptomatic of plumbing issues. Your home’s water heater might not be working at full capacity which will impact the entire home’s supply of water. Your cold water is less likely to be affected by problems as most water in the home is cold anyways and needs to be heated. The hot water problems are definitely noticeable when you turn the knob and it feels lukewarm or not warm at all. It could be water leaking from the heater, it could be a lack of electricity getting to it, the water pressure is off, or your thermostat is not set properly. Make sure to check the top and bottom of the heater for any leaks too.

Drainage Problems

Lastly is the common problem with drainage. How many times do you find yourself plunging your tub drain or toilet? The answer should be never but we do not live in a perfect world where waste is drained properly. Things happen and it can be caused by hair (stop shaving in the shower), too much toilet paper, throwing objects into the toilet that should not be there, or water pressure. Plungers work well enough for most problems but for bigger drainage issues you might need a snake or auger, which some people have on hand, but in most cases, you might need to call in the pros to unclog those pesky jams.


When it comes to solving your home’s plumbing problems it pays to know what you are looking for. Solving a problem is a lot easier when you know what to look for and can save you precious time and money if you need to call in the experts. Identifying the problems is the first step to resolving any outstanding problems with your home’s plumbing.