How to Shed Weight during Quarantine?


Weight during Quarantine?Were you putting up weight all these months because you were too occupied with your life to take out time for yourself? Now that you are home, it is the best time to shed your weight. Imagine surprising your colleagues and mates six months down the lane with a transformation. Here is how you can make the best use of the quarantine period to shed your weight.

Fix Your Routine

We are all struggling with messed up routines ever since there has been shutdown. There are no assignment curfews, no exam preparations, no time curfews and we seem to be taking advantage of that. Late night dinners and starting our days late have made us all lazier. Perhaps, we cannot blame ourselves because there is not much to do. However, you must find something to do. Give yourself a reason to start your day early, as you did in the pre-virus days. Find a hobby or bond with family. Learn some skills that you were not able to because you did not have time. Likewise, go to bed early.

Eliminate Addictions

Addictions like caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol are harmful to your weight, body and immune system. Earlier it was difficult to motivate yourself to quite all these addictions. However, since now you need to improve your immunity to survive the Covid19, you have all the reasons to motivate yourself. Eliminating nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine will also help to speed your weight loss and will improve your stamina.

Eat Right

Do not treat your days off from work and college as a staycation. Even if you are taking it that way, do not get carried away with too much junk and fast food. Again, it is not only bad for your body but also bad for your immunity. Add more green vegetables, citrus fruits and proteins to your diet. Eliminate sugar, fizzy drinks and any other unnecessary carbs. Evaluate your BMI and BMR to figure out your recommended calorie intake and eat accordingly. Some apps can help you with keeping up with a diet plan. Do not starve yourself. Eat smaller meals at regular intervals.

Besides a good diet, including supplements in your daily diet. These supplements help compensate for the nutrition shortfall that your food intake fails to offer. Northern Health Centers have some great supplement reviews to help you figure out which ones might be important for you.

Sleep Tight

Taking sufficient rest and sleeping timely is important. Your body absorbs your food intake and processes the nutrients when you are in your rest mode. Moreover, resting is important to allow your muscle recovery and growth if you are working out. Go to bed early and ensure that you sleep for a minimum of eight hours. This is the best time to make up for all the sleep deprivation that you have had for months.


Just because you cannot hit the gym should not be an excuse to doze off on your couch. Find out ways to keep your body active. Thanks to the internet, you will find dozens of home workout videos. Leslie walks are great for starters. If you have a lawn or a terrace, get a yoga mat and you can also do some stretches in the fresh air.


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