How To Plan And Enjoy An Amazing Luxury Boating Holiday

Planning the ultimate luxury trip of your dreams? Expect to spend at least $150,000 on superyachts per week, according to a report on CNBC. Whether you’re tired of the same dull, annual holidays in crowded destinations or want to try something new, a fresh look at luxury vacations might be all you need. And what better to enjoy a lavish getaway than sailing on a yacht. A luxury boating holiday allows you to discover and explore new places, especially those untouched by modern-day tourists. You’ll be treated to picturesque views and endless fun activities in the water and ashore. What’s more, you’ll have privacy and freedom to choose your sailing course, where to go and when to dock. However, proper planning is required to make the most of your sailing vacation. Here’s how to plan and enjoy an epic luxury boating holiday anywhere in the world.
Pick Your Destination
Choosing the right destination is crucial if you want to enjoy an unforgettable luxury boating experience. For example, sailing along the Turkish Coast from Ephesus to Antalya treats you to a once in a lifetime vacation. You’ll discover serene bays, ancient ruins, and incredible cultural experiences. If you’re thinking of engaging in thrilling water activities like swimming with sea lions, fish, and whale sharks, then consider yachting around Mexico, especially in the sea of Cortez. Other ideal destinations for a luxurious yacht vacation includes the French Riviera, Ibiza, Italy, Greek Islands, Seychelles, and Spain. To select a place that fits your interests, research and weigh your options carefully, depending on budget and timing.
Plan For Fun Experiences 
Once you’ve identified the perfect location for boating, create a list of fun activities you would like to try. Think about the experiences you have been dreaming of engaging in during a vacation. Maybe you want to explore secluded beaches and dive spots, or you’re interested in day excursions interacting with the locals. Whatever you wish to do, ensure you research carefully, prepare your itinerary in advance, and share it with your captain. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time in and around the water, you can not overlook the joy of scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing, fishing, surfing, and paddling. However, you must prioritize water safety for you to enjoy water activities. Following the proper safety guidelines is a sure way of preventing accidental drowning risks, which can turn an epic vacation into a disaster. This includes swimming in designated areas and wearing life jackets.
Choose The Right Luxury Yacht And Crew 
Booking a luxury yacht or sailboat is the key to enjoying a relaxing and adventurous boating vacation anywhere in the world. That’s why you must select the right boat and crew. Start by listing down the amenities you want in your luxe sailboat. Some facilities worth considering include sun pads, swimming pools, spas, onboard chefs, and fitness equipment.
Whether you choose to sail away in the Mediterranean sea or around the Turkish Coast, luxe boating vacations allow you to experience fantastic and relaxing accommodation. You’ll enjoy incredible views, lots of adventure, freedom, and privacy. All you have to do is research ideal sailing destinations, choose the perfect luxury yacht, and plan for fun activities.

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