How to pick up the best serger machine?

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People who love seeing know how to add a unique touch to their clothes. They can make any designs they want on their dress with the help of the server machine. Not only does the serger machine helps you add designs to your clothes but it also helps in sewing and smoothening the edges of the clothes so there is no straying thread left.

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No.1 Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger For Beginners


In the world of the sewing machine, the most popular brand is brother. This model by brother is equipped with lots of features such as a lay-in thread system and lower loop threader. To obtain good designs and stitched like linen, knit and formal wear, you can use this machine. Apart from that, you can make beautiful narrow straps, decorative edges, sphaghetr8 straps, ruffles, and laces using this machine.

In this model, you also get 22 built-in stitch functions, 3 and 4 thread overlocks, ribbon lock stitch, tape applications, rolled hem, crafts, heirloom, and many more. Brother 1034D allows you to achieve exception results of sewing and stitching.

When buying this model you can also buy pressor feet if you want to see flat locks and blind hem pintuck. There is also a free arm flatbed sewing surface offered.

No.2 SINGER 14CG754 ProFinish Beginner Serger


SINGER offers the latest serger machine to their customers. There are options of differential feed to adjust and make perfect seams on any type of fabric. You will never face puckering issue in this machine as you face in other. Also when you will see you using this machine it will prevent the trimming of the fabric of the cloth.

No. 2 SINGER 14CG754 has the ability to sew 1300 stitches/minute and results are fast and accurate. Thus, even if you have a long sewing project you can complete the task with efficiency within a short time.

There is a knob that can be turned on to adjust stitch length and width. A number of stitch options make it easy to achieve professional results no matter what you stitch.

This serger allows you to see sleeves and cuffs with its optional free arm. This machine also has four built-in rolled that lets you create an effortless swing and an access lever that adjust the stitch finger. Not only that you get the carry handle in this machine that makes it easy to port the serger machine to another place.

Along with this machine, you get various accessories like a needle set, tweezers, spreader, power cord, all-purpose foot, an instruction manual, and foot control.

No.3 Janome MOD-8933 Serger


Janine serger machine is a sewing machine which will let you sew fashionable clothes. You can sew knit, denim, and complete other crafting assignments with efficiency using this machine. This machine is a combination of power and precision thus, offers brilliant results.

The differential feed feature allows you to prevent puckering and stretching of the fabric. No matter what type of fabric you want to work the 3 and 4 thread stitch feature will help you to do it with ease.

Janome serger is best for rolled hemstitching and offers the best finishes to the garments. Since the machine has rolled hemstitching, there is no need to switch the needle plate, tension, and foot. It is equipped with retractable upper knife, that Serge the fabric without making cuts.

No.4 JUKI MO644D Portable Serger For Beginners


Juki has set a benchmark in the industry of sewing machines. This model is best for home use and personal purpose. It is equipped with a powerful as well as efficient drive cutting system. Thus, ensuring you get high-quality stitching results.

Also, there is a convertible 2/3/4 thread along with an automatic rolled hem. This serger is best for the beginner as it is easy to set up and allows smooth working. There are advanced features such as coded threading, customizable stitches as well as the programmed rolled hem to professional stitching results.

Juki comes with optional presser feet for cording, piping, gathering and blind stitch, etc. the upper knife moves accordingly and offers safe as well as simple threading access. This is also the best serger machine for beginners.

No.5 Costway Beginner Serger Sewing Machine


Another well-known brand in the world of sewing machines is cost way. It offers high quality as well as exceptional performance to the users. No matter what you want to see from rolled hems to cover hems this machine will offer you the best finishes as well as professional touch.

You can combine the use of convertible right spreader and looper, threading method, and needle position settings to create a unique type of stitches.

Apart from that, this model has a self-adjustable tension system that can be operated by dial in order and chart selection. It also features the fast looper threading system that saves time by quick stitching. The sewing ability of this machine is 1200 stitches/minute. It is also able to do 4 types of rolled hems and on various lightweight fabrics like lawn, crepe, voila, and many more.

Furthermore, you can adjust the stitch width and length to see cuffs and sleeves. The pucker-free seams make you stitch on lightweight fabrics easily.

These are the reviews of the best sewing or serger machines in the market. For more information, you can visit sewingmachinebuffs. Here you can not only find the best sewing machine but will also get blogs on how to sew and create different designs. You can now stitch and design your unique clothes. Also, you can undertake sewing tasks to earn money through stitching clothes, bags, and many more things.

Make sure to keep few things in mind when selecting a serger machine. Firstly determine your goals, and then compare features and budgets. Then when you keep in mind and search for the machine you will get the best serger machine to help you fulfill all your sewing projects.


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