How to Order at a Restaurant When Following a Strict Diet

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Over twenty-five percent of adults in the United States are physically inactive. A bad diet is one of the major reasons behind it. One can follow a healthy diet and regularly exercise to gain his fitness back, but it’s not as easy it sounds.

You need strict discipline to keep following such a routine. It’s more challenging today than ever as eating out has become a fashion. You have a lot of options in a restaurant and healthy items are never our first choice. Follow these tips from WebMD to keep yourself motivated for a workout routine, and here learn how to stick to your healthy diet when eating out at a restaurant. Try a restaurant in San Ramon if you want to do some luxury dining and stay healthy at the same time.


Plan Your Meals

Instead of deciding what you can’t eat, make a list of things you can eat. Having such a plan would make it easy to restrain yourself even when sitting in a restaurant. Whole 30 is one of the most popular diets right now. It eliminates the use of things like sugar, dairy, and alcohol and focuses on whole foods. Platejoy, an online meal planning and healthy recipe website, offers tips and tricks to help you stay on course when eating out on Whole 30.

Read the Menu First

You are very unlikely to leave the restaurant even if you don’t find anything healthy on the menu. That’s why you should read the menu on the internet before you visit the restaurant. If possible, shortlist a few places that offer healthy and quality food.

Snack Before You Go

Try eating some healthy snacks according to your plan before you go to a restaurant. With food already in your belly, you won’t find food much enticing and eat less. You should also make sure not to fill up with just snacks because not eating at a table is bad etiquettes.

Keep Drinking Water

Even if you didn’t have the chance to snack before you leave, you can limit your eating by drinking water. Have a glass of water before you start eating and another glass while eating. However, avoid drinking water for about 30 minutes after the meal as it dilutes the digestive juices.

Eat with Patience

Don’t rush in eating no matter how tasty the food. Make a habit of eating slow and chew food thoroughly. According to HealthLine, it’s a smarter approach that helps you eat less and control weight gain. It also increases fullness hormones and decreases calorie intake.

Avoid Sweetened Drinks

Eating out is incomplete without proper drinks. It may not be possible to deny drinks in a company, but you can choose a healthy one. See the menu for beverages and avoid all sweetened drinks, especially ones that are carbonated. Such drinks are known to cause many health problems in addition to causing obesity and diabetes.

Start with a Salad

The main course is typically designed for a healthy person who eats a lot. That’s something you want to avoid. One practice is to order two appetizers instead of the main course. Another way is to start your meal with some soup or salad. They will lighten your hunger, and you won’t eat more than you want to.


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