How To Open Your Car Door Without Key: Easy DIY Tips

If you have ever been locked out of your car, you know that it can be a very frustrating and even scary situation. This is especially true if you find yourself on the dark side of town or maybe stuck in some kind of remote area.

Regardless of the situation, being locked out of your car is stressful. The other fact that you need to consider is that it can be costly. According to several studies on the topic, the average cost for a locksmith services to help you unlock your car can range anywhere from $35 to $150, which could definitely be worth it depending on the situation you are in.

Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can get back into your car should you find yourself in this situation. Below are just a few of them. First of all, if you’re in trouble on the side of the road and you are unsure what to do, you should call a locksmith so that you can remain safe.

Another option available is that you could break the window. This may sound outrageous to the average car owner but what if your child toddler was inside the car or you were stuck outside in below freezing temperatures? There are times when desperate situations call for desperate actions.

The fact is, replacing a side window in your car could cost you almost the same amount of money as calling a locksmith. It really depends on what kind of vehicle you have but it’s possible to get a passenger window replaced for approximately $200.00 and, depending on where you are, a locksmith could charge about the same.

If you have any type of older model car with pop-up door locks, you may be able to use a shoelace to open your vehicle. This technique has been used successfully for years and requires tying a slipknot type loop in the middle of the lace.

It’s important that the loop is able to tighten when you pull on both ends of the lace. Once the loop is in place, work the lace into the frame of the door by starting at the top corner. Slide it back and forth until you can get it down to the lock. Simply slide the loop over the lock knob, tighten it, and then pull it up. This entire process should take less than two minutes when done correctly.

On newer model cars with power locks, you may be able to open your car with a small wedge and some type of long rod or stick. The first thing you want to do is create a small opening at the top of your driver’s side door using the wedge. Be careful not to force your door open so much that it damages it in some way.

Once you have the top of the door open and the wedge in place, slide the rod down through the opening and use it to press your doors “unlock” button. It can be a little challenging to find the button but this method can work pretty easily if you have power locks.

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