How to Make the Most of Your Weekends


Weekends can sometimes be dull, mainly if you are used to doing the same thing over and over again. There are times when you will run out of ideas of what to do and where to go. You have the option to get out of your shell and find a place that you can book that offers weekend breaks Oxfordshire residents can enjoy. Other than that, there are a lot of things that you can do either on your own or with your family or friends. Here are ideas to make your weekends more productive and memorable.

Plan some outdoor activities

If the weather is good, why not try something different for a change. If you have a dog, you can take it outdoors for a walk or allow your pet to play in the park. If you love exercising, take this opportunity to burn some calories and exercise outdoors. You can go jogging, biking or even hiking which can get you out of your comfort zone. You can also invite some friends who would join you even for just a few hours.

Spend some time taking good care of yourself

Most of the time weekdays are spent at the office, so you better take the opportunity to give yourself some “me” time during weekends. You can go out and treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure and a full body massage, so you will feel recharged, and will be able to prepare yourself for the week ahead. In case you do not feel like going out, you should have other alternatives in mind. If you are a homebody, having some “me” time could be reading your favourite novel, listening to soothing music or catching up on your much-needed naps.

Do things that you were supposed to finish a long time ago

Weekends are the perfect time for you to catch up on projects that have been placed on hold due to your busy schedule. Does your house need some repairs or carpentry work? Do you need to manage your financial records? Do you have any pending restoration projects that you need to continue? Make a list of the things that you need to accomplish every weekend and make it a point to find time to do it every weekend, even for only a few hours.

Pursue a new hobby to keep you busy

If you have nothing special to do on weekends, take this opportunity to learn something new and upgrade your skills by enrolling in a particular class. You can learn how to cook, bake, do carpentry work as well as arts and crafts. You can use your new skill to start a small business and earn extra cash.

Lastly, make sure to find time for your family. You can call your parents as well as your siblings and organize a lunch or family cookout at least once every month. This is the perfect opportunity for you to catch up with what is going on in each other’s lives.


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