How to Know if Someone You’re Dating Is Secretly Married


When it comes to dishonest intentions, there are many warning signs you can look for. The main one of them is getting too little personal information about your date. You don’t know where they live or where they work. They don’t call you, but they send you emails instead. Their social media profiles seem fake. All of this can lead you to wonder whether they are already married and have a family. Luckily, there are a number of effective ways to determine whether someone is married.

They’re Impossible to Contact

They only give you an email address as a contact method, and an obscure one at that – not Gmail, but Hotmail or Yahoo. They might give you their number, but they never pick up when you call, or they’re always in a hurry to hang up. Moreover, they might return calls at a specific time of day (when their spouse isn’t around).

You’re Always Seeing Each Other at Your Place

Does your date never invite you to their place? That’s a bad sign. Granted, they’ll have a seemingly valid excuse, such as ongoing home improvements. Further, they may never spend the night and may give various excuses for leaving early, such as having to let in the repairmen in early in the morning. At this point, you might start to smell a rat.

You’re Both too Busy

Meeting up with your date may be difficult because you’re both really busy. They may keep repeating they have too much work. Instead, this person might be spending time with a significant other. If they aren’t lying, you should ask yourself whether you accept being in a relationship with a workaholic.

You Can’t Get Your Hands on Their Phone

This isn’t to say you should try; people should not invade each other’s personal space, and especially when they aren’t very close. Rather, their reaction to your attempt to touch their phone will be telling. It’s not normal to jump when you ask to see their phone or if they are extremely protective of their phone. If your name is not saved as a contact in their phone, this person is likely living a double life.

They Don’t Want to Go in Public with You

If your date is sociable, but never wants to go out with you, it might be because they don’t want to be seen out in public with you. Again, there will be no shortage of excuses, including excuses for why they never post pictures on social media with you.

They’re Very Secretive

Someone who’s very keen on covering their tracks won’t give you enough information to Google them. You might be on a first-name-only basis. They’re afraid that if you can track them down on social media, you might find they are married and tell their spouse, which would destroy their life. This is why they won’t give you any personal information about them, including their hobbies and interests. Likewise, they also won’t tell you where they like to hang out or introduce you to their friends.

Furthermore, you should be wary of dates who only want to communicate via Snapchat or who always want to meet outside your apartment block or at a nearby cafe.

Watch Their Gestures

When you first met, your date may have put their hands in their pockets or otherwise hid them before you continued speaking. This may be because they were trying to hide a wedding ring or a band. Of course, not wearing a band or ring is no guarantee someone isn’t spoken for.

They Always Pay Cash

If they never pay by credit card and always pay with cash, it might mean they don’t want to leave a paper trail for their partner to find. Always paying cash has become uncommon these days, and when someone does it, it could mean they have something to hide.

If you’ve observed one or more of these signs, you can use a people lookup using this individual’s personal information. That said, the surest way to tell if someone is already married is by asking them directly.


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