How to Know if Someone Is Struggling With Substance Abuse



There are plenty of people who use substances in an abusive manner and later on become addicts. An individual commits substance abuse when he uses a drug in large amounts, and in ways other than how the drugs are meant to be used. The reasons why people are prone to abuse substances vary. Some people use them to relax, relieve boredom, to experiment, or to fit in, this is especially true when a person’s circle of friends coerce or pressure him to use such substance. Others say that it helps them have a temporary break from their problems, or help them cope when they experience depression or anxiety. However, no matter how difficult the problem is, one must still avoid depending on the short-lived help these substances provide.

You must also be observant of the people around you. Help those who are getting absorbed into using substances.

Here are some of the indications that might help you know when someone is struggling with substance abuse.

Withdrawal from Social Interactions

One indication is when a person avoids communication or stops to communicate with his friends or family. This is likely because he unconsciously anticipates that once the people around him discover about his activity, they will react in a way that can hurt him or worse make him an outcast out of disgust. A person who abuses substances would often feel inferior or he will feel frightened of the judgments that people would throw his way. So when you decide to approach someone who you think is a substance abuser, be careful of your choice of words and show him that what you are doing and saying are good for him.

Change of Behavior

Another is when a person has a sudden change in his behavior. You can easily notice this type of change. For example, when a person who is always smiling, cracking jokes, or easy to get along with suddenly turns into someone unapproachable or gloomy. This might be an indication that he is into abusing substances and you must be concerned, if not, then it is still safe to ask him if he has any problems. Once you already determine that a person is dealing with this problem, it would be better to consult an expert to know what are the emotional effects of drugs on this person. The use of substances also often result in poor school performance or work performance. A person using substances will now prioritize his newfound hobby over things that he is supposed to give more importance.


Persistent Hunger or Craving to Use

Also, the person has an unending craving to use the substance and will do anything to be able to use it. Most people immediately stop when they find out that anything could hurt or harm them, but in cases of substance abuse, the person will crave more and more until it leads to addiction.

Substance addiction is tougher to beat than substance abuse, so as early as you find someone walking this path, you must do anything to help and guide them. A lot of lives get destroyed when something could have been done to prevent it. These substances can destroy and affect your mind. It could also ruin your family relationships and the bond you have established with your friends. As early as you can, stop it, and before it starts, prevent it.


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