How to Keep Your Child Busy While You Work from Home


If you are a work-at-home parent, you may be having trouble figuring out how to keep your child preoccupied while you work. Children can get bored quickly, especially when they have nothing interesting to focus on. In the meanwhile, you are distracted from work trying to amuse them. It can be challenging to juggle entertaining a child while getting your tasks accomplished.

Children with work-at-home parents should be able to entertain themselves, but that is not always the case. You are also wary about keeping them glued in front of a TV screen the whole, which is not a very healthy activity. Your best recourse is to come up with a list of activities your child can do during the day so that you can work without too many interruptions. Here are some suggestions to help you out.

Keep them busy with artwork

One of the best ways to stimulate your child’s creativity, and to keep them busy too, is to provide them with art projects. Your child will be preoccupied for hours, and the older kids can learn how to clean up after themselves. Provide them with art materials like paintbrushes, watercolors, crayons, construction paper, and markers. It would also be best to have a designated space for your child to get creative, where they are free to make a mess but create artwork that any parent can be proud of.


Provide educational toys

Give your children toys that will not only keep them entertained but are learning tools too. For children from ages 4 to 8, a Playmobil Zoo can be so much fun to play with. Add in the animals, and your child can allow their imagination to run wild. They develop a love for animals, learn about them, and may even decide on caring for animals in the future. Toys need not be expensive, but they should be those that are educational, making learning a fun experience.

Give them books to read

While many kids have learned how to read at a very young age, it may not be easy for some to read independently. Just the same, you can find a lot of books that do not have as many words that can keep your child engaged. Picture books can capture your child’s attention, even if their reading skills are not as advanced. Ensure that you find books that are not challenging for your child to read or you may end up reading them, or worse, make them lose interest in reading at all. One effective way to get books your child will enjoy is to have them pick them out themselves.

It can be challenging to be a work-at-home parent whose kids still need supervision. However, being creative with your ideas to keep your child busy can help you get your work done and keep your child happily preoccupied. You may even consider having a playmate or two come over to spend time with them. As long as they are in a child-proof room and have each other to play with, you can be free to do whatever you need to do.

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