How to Go to Bed and Wake Up Calm

 Even if you are currently struggling in certain areas in your life, like your finances, health, or relationships, there is always something to be grateful for. When you look for the good in every situation, the situation must change in your favor!

Life isn’t about avoiding the wind and the waves, it’s about controlling the condition of your heart and mind during those storms. If you’re not experiencing problems, you’re either dead, or you’re doing absolutely nothing with your life, and that alone is a huge problem.

Have you ever noticed that two people can be going through the exact same problem or storm, yet one person is doing it with faith and courage and with a smile on their face while the other one is dragging through life barely making it? It’s all about perspective and how you view your problems. The greatest perspective to have during trying times is gratitude!

Just as starting your day with gratitude is important, it’s just as important to end your day with gratitude as well. I’ll tell you why.

I would say about 95 percent of the human population wakes up grumpy and goes to bed anxious. We already know now that waking up and starting your day in a bad mood starts a cycle of unpleasant events in your day.

Have you ever considered that maybe you woke up grumpy because you went to bed anxious? Going to bed, feeling anxiety, depression, and discouragement will lead to a vicious cycle of starting the following day on the wrong side of the bed.

To combat this, you have to develop the habit of going to bed, grateful! I learned in the book ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne that you should keep what’s called a ‘Magic Gratitude Rock.’

You can get yourself any rock at any place you want as long as it can fit comfortably in your hand. Before I go to bed every night, I hold my magic gratitude rock in my hand and give God thanks for everything that went well in my day.

I’m grateful for all the food I ate. I’m grateful for the amazing workout I had. I’m appreciative of the catch-up date I had with one of my best friends. I give thanks for the fact that I was divinely protected and didn’t get into any accidents. I’m grateful for the sunrise and sunset. I’m grateful for my tired body because it means I was able to work hard.

The list doesn’t have to be crazy long as long as you feel the feelings of gratitude as you recall these events. After you make your list, you then want to give thanks for the thing you are MOST grateful for.

This exercise completely obliterates feelings of anxiety and worry and creates a momentum of joy and gratitude for the next day, which will lead to more magic!

It’s incredibly easy for us to focus on our failures instead of being grateful for our victories. It’s not hard to focus on how far we have to go as opposed to being grateful for how far we have come. But again, you have that choice! Choose gratitude for all the good in your life!

WENDELL MIRACLE is a motivational speaker, best-selling author and founder of the popular Instagram account, @hopenuggets. He started the page in 2013, recording fifteen-second videos. These short videos have touched lives all over the world. His goal is to help people overcome depression and anxiety through his teachings, videos, books, seminars, and social media reach. Miracle was born in the Philippines, grew up in New Jersey, and currently resides in San Diego, California.

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