How to Get Expert Advice for Your Online Company

 Quitting your job to start your online company may sound like a good idea until you find out what it takes to successfully run your business. Though you may be imbued with a natural business sense, running an online business is one of the hardest things to do.

One way in which you can make it a lot easier to manage your online company is to get advice from experts. They know what they are talking about and have likely been there before. They will give you a lot of wisdom that all you have to do is apply. The following are tips as to how you can get expert advice for your business:

Use Sites Like Quora and Reddit

There are specific websites on the internet where you post questions and get answers like Quora and Reddit. Though many of the people on these sites are plainly interested in the topics, you will also find experts giving very good answers to technical problems.

Therefore, if you have a business query about your online business, all you have to do is open a new tab, open one of these sites and post your question. You will have to be patient as it may take a while to receive an answer from an expert.

You will have to ascertain the credentials of the person answering your query as they will often clearly state it but it may be false. Once you do, you can proceed to apply the advice.

Network on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great platform to network with experts in any field. The good news is that the site or app is specifically designed for professionals who will clearly state their titles and expertise.

By networking on LinkedIn, you can target someone in the online business community you admire or someone who successfully runs an online business. You can then query them about any element of your business. The larger your network, the better advice you are likely to get.

Get an Internet Lawyer

No business functions outside of the law including online businesses. Therefore, a lawyer is indispensable in running your business and will help immensely.

You should specifically target an internet lawyer who offers legal advice for online businesses. Internet law or IT law is an area that few lawyers specialize in and hence such lawyers are very rare. Once you get the expert legal advice you need, the rest should follow easily.

Business Coaches

There exist a multitude of business coaches online. However, there are many who are not qualified or proficient so you have to be very careful. You should choose a business coach who runs a successful business themselves. You cannot trust a teacher without real-world experience.

A qualified business coach can really help you with your online business. The best part is that they can offer one on one advice which is extremely helpful. However, they may charge you a tidy sum so be sure to adhere to your budget.


Read Books

Though reading books has fallen out of favor in the recent past, books are still one of the best sources of information in existence. They are able to clearly explain concepts and you can learn a tremendous amount about business from them.

There are many e-books about running online businesses written by very qualified professionals including people who have launched successful online businesses themselves. Some of them may have even taken their companies public like Tim Ferris. Though it may seem like an old school source of information, do not disregard it. There may just be gems in the rough in there.

Attend Seminars

A seminar is also an excellent source of information to help you run your online business. The seminar can be a physical one or it can be held online. Regardless, you will certainly get great advice if the speaker is proficient.

A seminar might not last very long but it does have several advantages. One of them is that you get to brainstorm with other business owners who are in the same situation as you and others above you. You may leave the seminar with a multitude of ideas beneficial to your business. You may also get a chance to connect with other business experts.

Final Thoughts

There are other sources of expert business advice and it is up to you to find them. However, the above sources will do much to help you. The difference will be whether you apply the advice or not. If you do, your business will most probably be on its way to the top.