How to Feel Fabulous Post-Pregnancy



Months of anticipation have finally resulted in a bouncing baby. Then your life is suddenly vastly different. Midnight feedings and hectic routines of diaper changes can make it difficult to find your balance again. Pregnant women may go from receiving plenty of attention and congratulations for their baby bumps, only to spend hours all alone with a fussy new baby. While some women suffer from serious post-partum depression that requires medical help, many others still struggle, even though they aren’t depressed. Here are ways to get your mojo back after your pregnancy.


Give Yourself Time

Your new baby is wonderous and you are probably reluctant to miss a minute. Many women worry about leaving their baby with anyone, even trusted family members. Fight the impulse to micromanage every moment of your baby’s time. If you have family or friends you trust, leave them with your baby to give yourself a break. You can reduce your nervousness with leaving your baby with someone else by spending time together so you can see how your family member interacts with your baby. Keep in mind that others won’t do things exactly like you would. As long as your baby is safe, the details don’t matter. Give yourself a break and have coffee with a friend or enjoy a few minutes shopping alone.


You may have the temptation to delay leaving your baby with someone else. This is a common problem. New mom’s may delay more and more, waiting until their baby is a little bit older or reaches the next stage of development. This can make the inevitable separation worse for both the baby and the mother. Having some time away from your baby is good for you while helping your baby broaden his or her experiences.


Have Realistic Expectations

While your baby is your priority, don’t forget yourself too. Make sure you are eating right and sleeping as much as you can. Also, find comfortable compression garments you can wear throughout the day. Compression socks may help you deal with postpartum edema by reducing swelling in the legs and alleviating discomfort. Also, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor about post pregnancy issues.  

While we’re pregnant any weight gain is part of the wonder of pregnancy. After our babies are born, it can be difficult to reconcile to the changes our bodies have experienced. That baby bump was a point of pride and joy. Meanwhile, having a few extra pounds after your baby is born can be frustrating and depressing. It is important to understand that it will probably take a while to lose the “baby weight” and your body may never look exactly like it did before. Embrace any changes to your body as a tribute to your status as a mother but remember that you are still an attractive woman.


During pregnancy you may have been thrilled at how thick your hair became. Expect that extra hair to fall out after your pregnancy. For some women, the hormone changes may also cause hair to become thinner than before your pregnancy or cause bald spots. If you are bothered by this, get back to feeling yourself by wearing a human hair wig or hairpiece. These look like natural hair so no one needs to know you are wearing a wig, unless you tell them. Sporting wig can give you back your confidence and provide a way to experiment with fun hairdos. Wigs can also be a huge help when dealing with a new baby limits the amount of time you have to spend styling your hair.












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