How to decide on which scissors to use as a hairdresser


You are setting foot into the hairdressing world, but do you have all your tools ready? Every hairdresser knows the importance of having the right set of tools to get their jobs done. Part of these is a pair of scissors meant to provide clients with the desired look. If chosen correctly, the right pair of scissors can be an investment in your career as a hairdresser. However, there are different scissors, each designed for a particular purpose, so deciding one requires time and research.

So how do you choose? Your hairdressing scissors are among the essential tools in your set, so before purchasing one, there are some factors to remember. Here are tips to guide you when deciding the type of scissors to use as a hairdresser.


While working, it is vital to ensure you are comfortable, especially with the tools you are using. Your scissors are among the tools you will use most as a hairdresser; therefore, it is crucial that they fit your hand comfortably. As you shop around, ensure you feel them in your hand, especially as you open and close them. How is the pressure between your finger and thumb? Rose gold hair scissors with offset handles are an excellent choice for reducing discomfort and fatigue if you have been cutting for a while.



How big or small should your scissors be? It all comes down to two things, purpose and preference; however, in most cases, purpose triumphs size. Different types of cutting will dictate the scissors one should use. Smaller sized scissors between 4.5 to 5.5 inches would be the better option for shaping, while larger ones at 6 inches and above are perfect for blending with scissors over a comb. A pro tip if you are in the market for hairdressing scissors, the length between the blade’s tip to the end of the longest finger hole is how the scissor’s length is measured.



One factor that cuts across all these factors is quality. Regardless of your scissor’s size, blade, or hand-dominance, it is essential to always go for the best materials where scissors purchases are involved. It will improve not only the longevity but also the effectiveness of the scissors. Scissors made from stainless tend to be of better material and quality. Even though they may be slightly more expensive than the others, the investment is worthwhile.


The purpose

What do you intend to use the scissors for? Before spending money on new scissors, you may never need, ensure you know their purpose. Different hairdressing scissors perform various functions. Always specify what you will be using the scissors for thinning, texturing, or slicing; it will help narrow down your choices.

Your scissors’ purpose will also determine whether concave or beveled edge scissors would be a better fit for your hairdressing needs. Beveled-edge scissors are light and best used for slow and detailed cutting, whereas concave blades favor slicing needs. However, concave blades are the better choice because they will serve you for longer and can be used in almost all types of cutting.


Hand dominance

Before rushing into a purchase you might regret later, always ask which hand is your most dominant? Hairdressing scissors come in two hands, left and right. It ensures that the cutting needs of every individual are met. To avoid straining when cutting, go for the scissor’s configuration for the dominant hand.



Every time you take your scissors for a spin, the more they differ from their original state. Before picking your hairdressing scissors choice, ensure you understand what it will take to keep them in good condition. Oiling and regular cleaning are the routine maintenance for hairdresser scissors. However, at least once a year, you can take them to a specialist for servicing, although the frequency may increase depending on how much they are used and for what. To keep them safe from any damage and moisture, store the scissors in a pouch.

All these are useful tips to guide you through choosing the right scissors for your hairdressing profession. The scissors you buy will impact your cutting style; thus, do your research before settling on a decision. Don’t take any chances; this is your career we are talking about!