How to Choose the Ideal Paint Color for Your House



 Choosing the color paint that fits your home and style is no easy task. Like many people who have tried it with mixed results, there are plenty of things about the exercise you wish you knew before you started. Regardless of the kind of colors you shortlist, some tips will help you choose the shade that is just perfect.

So here are the top tips you need to keep in mind to help you in the task without ending up making costly mistakes:

Make Sure That Your Paint Color Is Not Your Primary Choice

While it is only natural that people choose the big things to finish first, selecting the paint color for your home first can make things hard. Experts at Perryman Painting point out that choosing a color to accompany furniture and décor is far is relatively easy. If you are choosing furnishings and décor to match the paint color, it is more complicated. Additionally, you might be repainting your house, in which case, too, the décor and furniture determine paint color.

Try To Find Inspiration

One excellent resource for paint color ideas is the social media channel Pinterest. One particularly great idea you want to try out is to set up a board for each room you want to paint and pin room images that you find attractive. After you have gathered a total of about ten pins, you will get an idea of your color and style preference. Be on the lookout for paint color ideas from all sorts of places. That might mean McDonalds serving cups to items of everyday use that you find appealing.

However, keep in mind that these shades would often need some modifications before you can suitably use them. Try to choose shades with just the right combination of warmth and appeal and suit your home furniture and décor the best.

Prefer Neutral Colors


You do indeed want some amount of colorful boldness in your home. But, let this be decided by where you want to divert the onlooker’s attention. If they are the walls, then, by all means, choose bold and spirited colors. Remember that you need to use neutral colors elsewhere in the room to balance that boldness. Otherwise, it will make it all visually very, very confusing, and distracting. Bold colors are particularly suited for bathrooms as typically, everything else is in white.

Make Use Of Testers

Another great idea is to buy testers of your favorite shades before deciding on a particular color. Paint a few walls in an area large enough for you to assess how it reflects light at different periods of the day. However, you need to be cautious while avoiding painting testers on white walls as it would affect the color and its actual appearance. Observe the colors for about a week, which would give you a good idea about what you can expect. If you think the tester doesn’t give you an accurate enough feel of the color, you should try to paint a larger area.

You can purchase testers from almost all of the major brands by spending only a relatively small amount. It is better to set pay that sum than buying gallons of paint only to find that the color doesn’t suit your home or match your expectations. The extra amount of paint leftover from the samples will prove useful for small painting requirements or touch-ups.

Use A Color Theme Across Your House

Though using a color theme doesn’t mean painting the whole house with the same color, it does mean you should consider how each room will appear when you view them from another. Suppose you indeed decide to stick to a single color across your house’s rooms. In that case, it is highly advisable to choose lighter or darker shades between them. Opt for shades that vary from room to room or even on one wall, which is the room’s primary focus. It also works to add interest and depth to a particular space.

While choosing a paint color for your home, you need to understand what colors are all about and assess and appreciate them properly. If you are successful in that, you open up a world of possibilities of having fun playing with your favorite color and enjoying every moment of your home life with them. You can set moods and transition thoughts suggested by the colors of one room to another. Now that you know the critical aspects of choosing the right paint color for your home hope you have fun. Cheers to a colorful life!



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