How To Care For Your Feet As You Age


Your feet are constantly at work. Whether it’s because of running regularly, walking every day, stomping in excitement, or anything else that makes use of the soles, it’s clear that the feet are always at work. All the more reason to take care of them. Humans have learned over the years that as people maneuver through life, anything that carries out some work deserves a level of care, and your feet are no exception.

It doesn’t matter how old you are when you read this, you’re aging and growing as the days go by. People often forget to take care of their feet because they’re just the two ends at the bottom of their body. However, one very important aspect of healthy aging is having healthy feet. Mobility leads to independence, therefore it’s important to take care of your feet as you age. These are some important ways through which you can take care of your feet as you age:

Wear Comfortable Shoes

It’s imperative that your shoes have good arch and heel support. A lot of foot pain is associated with ill-fitting shoes. Continuously wearing high heels and shoes that are tight and narrow in these two areas may lead to painful conditions such as plantar fasciitis. This condition affects the plantar fascia, a long thick ligament running from the heel to the sole of the foot, which acts as a shock absorber.

When it’s not well supported it can become inflamed and painful, making walking difficult. Other conditions caused by poor footwear are bunions and bone spurs. If these conditions begin to affect you significantly, you may have to visit or the website of any other clinic available to you to contact professionals who can assess the pain you’re experiencing.

It’s clear that the continuous wearing of tight footwear or those with poor support isn’t a worthwhile choice for your foot. You may want to consider getting something comfortable or something that’s delicate on the foot.

Keep Your Feet Moisturized

When you come out of the shower or the bathtub and you’re drying yourself off to get ready to moisturize, you may often forget about your feet. Moisturizing is important because it reduces the chances of cracks in your feet. It keeps your feet soft and free from dry patches.

Any other part of your body that’s moisturized will experience the same effects as your feet. For some people, the feet are used more than any other part of their body, and yet they still don’t make sure they’re moisturized and well taken care of. You can moisturize using foot cream or even the same lotion that you use for your body.

Don’t Go Barefoot Too Often

Some people may choose not to wear shoes and prefer to go barefoot most of the time. This is understandable because shoes can be uncomfortable. However, being continually barefoot can be bad for the health of your feet.

With each step that you take, a shock is sent throughout your body. Being barefoot and not having anything an ideal pair of footwear to cushion your steps may make the shocks cause damage to sensitive joints in the foot area over time. This continuous direct pressure on the feet may affect them in the long run and cause you further pain.

Moreover, when you walk or run without shoes, your feet are exposed to various bacterial and fungal organisms. These organisms are often carriers of various diseases that can infect your nails and skin. The infections that arise from your feet coming into contact with them could change the way your feet look, smell, and perhaps the way they function. Some foot problems that may also arise from such contamination are athlete’s foot and foot fungus.

Eat Well

A good diet contributes to a healthy lifestyle significantly. Because the body is composed of interconnected systems, your feet may be affected by your diet. What you eat may cause inflammation, which is considered one of the risk factors for chronic conditions in your body.

Inflammation in the foot may cause foot pain if it reaches heightened amounts. The plantar fascia can also be affected by inflammation. If the plantar fascia is impacted, you may experience great levels of heel pain associated with the plantar fasciitis illness.

Baked good and foods rich in fat are usually the largest contributors to inflammation in your body. An excessive or relatively large intake of meat fats and vegetable oils can also contribute to inflammation within your body.

A balanced diet is said to be a combination of various required nutrients in your body but it’s important that you prioritize the intake of healthier foods. This is a good way to reduce your chances of acquiring health issues affecting your feet. Eating green, leafy vegetables is an option that you should look into. The high levels of iron and antioxidants within these foods help promote good circulation and don’t contribute much to inflammation.

Check For Any Damage

As you age, you may forget to check the condition of your foot and assess whether everything is still in check. Sometimes you may even ignore the extent of certain foot injuries or sores because ‘it’s just your foot.’

Foot care involves continually checking for any blisters, foot sores, swelling, damage to toenails, or any other damage or wounds that may be present on your foot. Some people hardly look at their feet and are surprised when they encounter new wounds as they grow. However, you can avoid this by checking up on your feet.

Cut Your Toenails

Toenail care is another way of taking care of your foot. If toenails aren’t cut, there can be a buildup of fungus or dirt within the toenails that can further affect your foot. Long nails may curve and grow into your skin, causing you great pain throughout your foot if not taken care of as soon as possible.

There are many ways to cut your toenails and make it a less uncomfortable experience. Having clean toenails is also aesthetically pleasing and makes your foot feel pampered and taken care of.

Foot Care As You Age

You’re growing older and older, and your feet are aging with you. It’s important to maintain good foot care and treat your feet as you would treat any other part of your body. Pamper your feet, clean them, moisturize them, and do anything else that can make them feel like they aren’t rotting away at the bottom of your body.

Foot care also involves a change in your habits and the way you do certain things to your body. Given the various causes of foot pain, developing a foot care routine can equip you with the tools to avoid or overcome any pain. These pieces of advice will assist you in navigating through your foot care and allow you to have a fresh start with the two friends at the end of your body.


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