How To Buy The Best Underwear For Females


Are you looking to buy the most stylish, comfortable and long lasting underwear? Women are often caught in the dilemma of whether to buy luxury briefs or settle for a pair of cotton undies. Choosing a stylish and comfortable underwear won’t be a problem if you keep the following tips in mind.

Go For Casual Briefs

If you’re looking for a nice pair of undies for everyday use, I suggest a good quality cotton or nylon brief. Briefs are specifically designed for lowcut waistlines and moderate coverage. They are just like a bikini brief that exudes style, panache, and comfort. Since you’ll be using it every day,  make sure you opt for 100% cotton for durability and long term usability. These are perfect for women with pear shaped, hourglass or banana shaped body.

High Waist Briefs are Great For Plus Size

Before you head out to the market to buy yourself a great undie, it’s important to have a lucid understanding of your body type. If you have plus size with a large belly, I recommend you buy stretch fabric high-waist briefs. These will make you feel comfortable all day long. These are apt for females who carry most of the weight around the stomach region. With their high waist cut, these briefs are elastic, durable, and provide a nice shape to the waist & hip region. Avoid buying a bikini brief that’s too tight or designed with a low waist cut. They may roll, sag or belch due to the extra weight.

Slim-Fit Innerwear

Choose a luxury thong if you prefer a slim look or snug fitting but avoid buying something that’s too tight. It will cause sweating and you’ll keep tugging at the clothes due to the discomfort. A thong is usually lighter with less coverage and you hardly feel the fabric at the back. It’s a viable option if you’re looking for something breathable, lighter, and comfortable. Avoid buying a thong if you’re on the heavier side; this is more suitable to small and medium sized body frames. Make sure you test the pair for stretch and comfort at home before going out for a day long spree or to the annual firefly festival.

Go For Boy Shorts If You’re Heavy

If you have a large waistline or backside, I advise you choose a good pair of boyshort underwear. These are available in different sizes and designs; I recommend buying a good brand of boyshorts at These are great for pear shaped body types with most weight around the lower abdomen region. Choose a durable fabric like cotton or spandex for your boyshorts and make sure you have your waist & hip measurements recorded to find the best fit.

Choose Silk Panties For Special Occasions

If you have a small or medium body frame, select a seamless pair of silk panties for special occasions. These are specifically designed to exude elegance and luxe while offering comfort and durability. The top labels can be a little pricey but if money isn’t an issue, choose a nice silk panty that is stretchable with a decorative finish.


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