How to Build Muscle When You’re Stuck Inside for Quarantine


Lots of people have cut out the gym in order to stay safe. Here’s are some tips on how to build muscle while staying at home.

183 million people are now members of health clubs around the globe.

That’s a whole lot of healthy so-and-sos who love nothing more than working up a sweat in a gym. Alas, the recent COVID quarantine has caused chaos to exercise regimes everywhere.

But there’s good news. Building muscle isn’t dependent on the gym. With the right approach, you can just as easily get ripped from the comfort of home. Sound good?

Keep reading to learn how to build muscle during the quarantine.

Be Open to Change

Building muscle at home requires a whole new approach to working out.

After all, there aren’t any machines to use or weights to lift. You’re back to basics, with only simple workout equipment (if you have it) and your body available. Our top piece of advice?

Be open to mixing things up! Your mindset’s all-important.

Set aside any lingering despondency at missing your typical gym workouts and see this as a challenge instead. Honestly, home workouts can be just as intense and effective. By embracing this enforced change, you’re more likely to see the results you want.

Get Back to Basics

People are obsessed with the gym these days.

But you really don’t need endless muscle-building machines, racks full of dumbbells, and benches galore to get jacked. Sometimes, the basics work just as well.

Push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, burpees, and body-squats can take you a long way to your goals. Make your workouts short, sharp, and intense; mix them up, push ‘til failure, and experiment with different varieties of each exercise.

You’ll feel the burn, tear your muscle fibers, and be on your way to bigger muscles in no time.

Remember Your Supplements

Supplements are just as important at home as they are at the gym.

Don’t forget to take them!

Remember, when you’ve worked hard and put your body through hell, you need the right nutrients to facilitate recovery. That’s where supplements come into play. Whether it’s creatine, whey protein, or beta-alanine, you’ll recover quicker and get ripped with these supplements—at home or the gym!

Leverage the Internet

The internet is your best friend in your mission to build muscle during quarantine!

Now, reading this article is a good place to start. But don’t stop here. The web’s awash with jacked guys and gals giving away expert home-workout muscle-building advice.

Do some further research, hit up YouTube, and find someone offering workouts that appeal to you.

Exactly How to Build Muscle During Quarantine

Being stuck indoors during the COVID-19 quarantine isn’t fun for anybody.

But it’s downright hellish if you’re used to going to the gym 5 times a week! Unable to work out as normal, all those hard-earned gains can soon start to dissipate.

Thankfully, you don’t need a gym to get jacked. With a few alterations to mindset and routine, you can easily maintain muscle-mass throughout lockdown. Hopefully, the tips in this post have highlighted how to build muscle during the quarantine.

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